Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being bored I started playing round with Google, and eventually trying to get Googlewhacks. I came up with:
Antidisestabilishmentarianism lamb
gnomonically flocculation
headlice flocculation
mouldiest gnomonical

Except of course none of those are true Googlewhacks, due to Google claiming each one contains a word it does not recognise (to be a Googlewhack, each word in the search term must appear as a link in blue bar which gives the number of results). The anti... one is not a word according to Google, even though it's cited on the front page of

Gnomonically is not a word, even though gnomon, gnomonic and gnomonical all appear in Google's dictionary. Does that mean theoretical is a word, but theoretically isn't?

And mouldiest just ain't American enough. The Non-U spelling appears on 1,180 pages. The U spelling appears 1,550 times. Non-U has a recognised definition, U doesn't.

Hurrah, I've found a legit one: mnemonic gnomonical. Except it's on a word list so it's not legit. Drat.

Anyway, I've had an even less legitimate Googlewhack pop up in the results: I can never think of what to say Oh well i'll type anyway I know there's something in my head I just can't figure out how it is said Well the best thing to do now is for me to stop typing any how.

Which has a touch of the Doctor Zeuss about it. And at least they were using Firefox. And should I be pleased about being the first result for ditty beginning "I can never think of what to say, Oh well I'll type anyway"?

Anyway, I'd better stop and go and sort out a fiendishly cruciform problem (see, what I did there? Does Googlewhack count if it's seeded? Except cruciform's not a word either. Why is Google so damn illiterate? [It might have helped if I hadn't spelt it cruxiform the first time round]).


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