Saturday, May 21, 2005

CF6 600 - DOF - 01Stumbled upon.

And you I was an acquired taste.

Now what he forgot to mention is that the film pays significant homage to The Day of the Triffids.

Unconnectedly, Google appears to have noticed that the thumbnails it supplies for image searches are quite a handy size for thumbnails, and that I appear to have expanded their viewing potential (it's so much easier than seeking out a suitably sized source image). So suddenly it's decided that all images which appear on this site are not to be trusted (can you imagine the loops Google would created in thumbnailing its own thumbnail?), and so it's dropped me from the image searches. I wondered where two-thirds of the traffic had gone. It's really odd seeing the original source for an image come first in the results instead of me (for some reason I had been leading searches for Braille, ladybird, firefly and Morris).

How come when I'm typing now it's sunny (and shining on my screen), but when I went to drop off and collect photographs it managed to start raining in between looking out of the window and opening the front door?

I probably ought be out taking photographs, with my super infrared film, except I'm scared of it. So if anybody knows the answers to some really stupid questions about Kodak HIE the address is below (and above-left come to that). How can a film not have an ISO? How does focussing differ? Will the masking tape holding the small inherited filter onto the back of my lens stay in place for all 36 shots? Will my photography tutor ever ring me? What conditions are best of IR effects? Who really killed JR?

What? The last one's a legitimate question, as I don't know because I always had to go to bed when the theme tune started.

Oh, and I've got the complete randoms set back. I may need glasses, or I may just need to become better at focussing quickly (damn my camera's lack of autofocus, so I can't just blame the tools). I hopefully will have time to get them scanned tomorrow, if I'm not off seeing red.

And finally, if you want to be slightly unsettled allez ici.


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