Wednesday, May 18, 2005

That wasn't very good, was it? Why is it that whenever the someone new appears, the post which gets them is under par (or do I mean over par? Sorry, good walk ruined camp). Spot who's been commenting on the better blogs in Buzz's sidebar.

Anyway, first things first: Killer line, over on Buzz's blog. In his comments (not that there aren't killer lines in his posts, but...). Easy Jetsetter's last line in the sixth comment [read the rest first].

The BBC's new weather graphics. Does anyone else think it owes something to nappy adverts? It's the way clouds and rain sweep across the country, showing the new, improved absorbency of Sussex.

It's very depressing. The entire country is greyey-brown. Obviously they used the satellite image impart extra realism, as this country is widely known for it's arid climate.

It's also just not very good. Whatever happened to occluded fronts? I've yet to see an isobar. Instead we have Sky Sports-style Tuesday ticking away as Kent pisses itself. [The website still clings to the old symbols].

But then the BBC's not what it used to be. At the weekend BBC News 24 spent all day playing an interview with a man. A man named Cosmo Lush. Naive, or malicious parents? Slightly delusional deed-poll? Journalistic pseudonym? Or just underlings seeing what their producer won't notice?

Stopping now, as it's late, and I'm watching the Alan Yentob thing on skyscrapers.


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