Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guildford - Holy Trinity Church - Verdigris angelI'm cheating a bit and sticking yesterday's date on this post as most of it was written yesterday. It would have been posted yesterday as well, had I realised at the time that the reason my computer was having fits was that someone had turned the router off. One of the perils of using aged equipment is that whenever something goes wrong it has to be the computer making a mistake.

And then of course I go and make it all better by wondering if Salam Pax has reappeared, discovered that he has, and is now podcasting. Given how frail this computer is, I do not attempt to download any of the, er, things (Ah oui, je suis completement au fait avec les nouvelles technologies). Instead I read his descriptions of the contents, and wonder what this Slow Angel thing is he's talking about.

It turns that it's some dashed cunning musical jiggery-pokery (I better stop this vocab before I hit "Gadzooks") which mixes Massive Attack and Kylie Minogue. And you can find it, and many others, at Smash's site.

Anyone else suddenly thinking of lumpy, yet curiously slushy, mashed potatoes?

He also links to various other musical interpreters, including Tim G, who has works such as Black Eyed Blondie (the main site has had direct access to many files suspended, but they can be found here. I'm aware he cites bandwidth as the reason for hiding the files, but he also says they'll be back in April, and the new traffic this blog generates isn't likely to cripple the site [I hope]).

And now onto old news...
Blithely ignoring comments elsewhere (what possible come back is there?), I'm going to do a quick romp round the blogs. Firstly, there's a couple of new additions to the sidebar: Stairs and Venial Sin. Both slightly too obviously liberated from In Actual Fact. Another liberated blog, Ryanstask, is currently giving the impression that any second now a voice will rise from the theme tune to say "That was the last episode in the current series. Ryanstask will return in the New Year".

Ok, so it's not quite he's-about-to-shoot-his-father, but still as incomplete stories go...
Oh, and does anyone have an mp3 version of that Rachmaninov thing? Amazon's samples don't quite give enough.

What happened? I've just watched the Money Programme on Eurotunnel. Freakish enough to watch the Money Programme on anything you may think, but oddly I already knew pretty much everything it said.

When did I get old? (Or maybe just informed).

And now it's Newsnight, featuring the joys of Europe and the Common Agricultural Policy. The UK are only harping on about it because it distracts from the UK's EU rebate (well, not only that, because it is the CAP with the missing R). Which France are only bringing up because their government has just informed its people to vote yes on the constitution, only to have them voting no, and they really would prefer it if no-one mentioned that, please. So I want to know what the Non vote distracted from? Surely the entire referendum was engineered to drown out the press release stating that de Villain (I'm sure there's a p in that somewhere) did something or other dubious involving oil/arms/bribery/prostitution/all of the above.

But then French politicians do seem to have been making heavy weather of rejecting anything which they proclaim as Anglo-Saxon (what was that thing they mentioned a while ago: l'elderflower cordiale?), and then looking a bit surprised when those who are notionally Anglo-Saxon don't seem too impressed, and are even less impressed by the suggestion that all Europe will converge on a French model.

It's now got David Frost interviewing Rumsfeld (I'm struggling to stay awake). He's already managed to use the phrase "Slaughter of the Innocents" in reference to [pre-the-most-recent-invasion] Iraq, so I'm now waiting to hear of Ayatollahs Herod and Goliath and mention of the USS Rapture.

Reverting to Euroey goodness, the stats reminded I hadn't been to A Fistful of Euros in a while. It's too late to be detailed, but AFOE's gone back to being good.


Rach 2. If I manage to get my act together (much work this week), I'll rip the CD - I think there's only 3 movements - and e-mail you where I put them.

As for Mr Middlesboroough's comment - I've thought of several, but quite frankly I'm so disturbed that my mind is capable of sinking to such depths of the sewerage system that I think actually typing them out would push me over the edge.

By the way - how much?
That's very generous of you.

Mr Middlesbrrr & responses: you've made me all intrigued. But as it only spiralled out of a flippant reply to being asked if I would kiss him (and I was trying not to hurt his feelings having just written "God no!" when asked if I fancied him), it's probably best to leave it.

That said, I know someone who was had for sixpence. A good rate or is that selling myself short?
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