Friday, June 17, 2005

CP - CF10 Contact sheetInfrared is pretty,
Infrared is good,
Seems that all they ever wanted was some photographing.

Apologies to the Foo Fighters, and to the person who I normally hear singing that even if he usually only sings a dispossessed "Fingernails are pretty". And what's the proper name for those bits in the core of an apple round the pips? I found myself calling them fingernails the other day, and whilst wondering if my cousin still calls them that, wondered what the real name for them is. And Braeburn; why bother? They're just not nice apples.

Anyway, I've had the infrared film back, and it's now on Flickr, so go on and check it out.

Who did that recent song with some part of the chorus as "...and check it out" do-di-diddily do-wa-wa? Northern band. Probably a "The...". Type of thing Channel 4 would use on a trailer for Teachers or Shameless. Standard Xfm fodder.

It's really bugging me now.

A short nearly-fruitless search later tells that "check it out" isn't really a unique lyric. Searching the Xfm site brought up The Zutons. Could it be? Maybe. And then searching Google for Zutons "it out" brought up mention of the Caesers' "Jerk it out". Jerk/Check; same thing.

All of which does rather suggest that somehow I managed to not recognise the tune from the iPod advert. Oh, and apparently they're so northern they're actually Swedish. Röv.

[Hear what I'm talking about].

And while I'm feeling all multilingual* I've added something else to Flickr. Bewilderingly packaging. It has more languages than I can identify; how about you lot?

* An arse and a du fickst kinder und essen ihren schiesse does not a polyglot make, especially not as the only German I've asked about it just looked blank [I only wanted him to check the grammar]. But then they also looked blank when asked about whether they'd ever heard of a Wellensittich. It's word we got taught at school and was in several different textbooks, but no German I've ever met knows what the word means. It's a budgie (or budgerigar), but Germans don't apparently know the concept (can't say I blame them).

Oh, and should anybody who speaks German, or happens to be currently residing in Germany, or both, happen to be passing could you kindly confirm the existence of such... hang on, there's Google isn't there?

Now... I wonder that could be? Adwords banner, dodgy colour scheme, Gott in Himmel graphics. Yep, they have them.

And hooray, hurrah and huzzah. Flickr have finally added something which allows one to edit dates en masse. They have to be in set, and it uses the Organizr (which has a half life of seven minutes), but given just how long it can take to do them individually (and I'm so obsessive it annoys me if the date's wrong), this is the best thing ever. Or maybe today. Or perhaps in those five minutes, as I've also found out how to turn off the really annoying autoselect option on the scanner (when it's on, it chooses what it thinks is the negative. Sometimes it decides to use half of one frame and a third of the next, and refuses to show anything outside that selection. I know I could have read the manual, but it's traditional not to, just like those End User Licence Agreements). Helpfully, the control is labelled something like thumbnail preview which doesn't really sound related.

Anyway, I'd better get back to annoying someone who's just bought a digital camera. At the moment I'm doing the perfect balance of Give it here, It's easy and Oh, yours doesn't do X (not that I have a digital camera, but there's a general sameness to them).


"du fickst kinder und essen ihren schiesse". Grammatically incorrect, spelling mistake, non-capitalised nouns - otherwise a perfectly wonderful sentence, where on earth do you want to use that? I'd have looked blank too.

And let's have Gott im Himmel please - had they stopped producing Victor comics when you were an 8-year-old?
It's a long story, involving a French guy singing that Kate Bush Wuthering Heights song, intentionally broken furniture and bits of biochemistry I don't understand.

Victor? Comes before Whiskey and after, oh, I can't remember. Who needs U anyway?

On the grounds that I've never heard of it (and that's surely a true mark of not just fact, but scientific fact*) I think the answer is yes.

*Can anyone remember what that was in? I think it was The Day Today, but I'm not sure.
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