Monday, July 04, 2005

Proper shopping blanked As part of language week (via InActFa), this week I shall mainly be writing in French.

If you're a lazy arse and can't be bothered to wade through the not-quite-there-grammatically text then ask for it in English please.

Je suis un garçon heureux (Babelfish informs me it should be garçon chanceux).

Je ne suis pas seulement un Master Abbeysayderien, ai été honoré avec un prix pour la meilleure question, mais je suis aussi aimé par Sainsbury's (qui est un hypermarché comme Carrefour, mais plus orange).

L'histoire jusqu'ici (écrit dans le degré de Anglais que je suis est capable de traduire peut-être, donc la langue erratique):

Je suis allé acheter le pain. Je n'ai pas acheté le pain que je choisis de l'habitude. Je choisis acheter quatre choses différentes qui étaient moins que le prix normal. J'ai porté les au la caisse. Le caissier a vu que toutes étaient quinze centimes Euro pour chaque article. Il a les chargés au quatre articles du même produit. Parce-que un des produits été dans une promotion, l'ordinateur a enlevé cinquante-trois centimes Euro du total. Le total été cinquante-neuf centimes Euro. Il est devenu six centimes Euro (il y a des erreurs dans la conversion).

Le caissier a été un peu étonné. Il était ri quand je compté hors des pieces d'argent. Il était un peu ridicule.

Mais j'aime aller faire des courses quand je dois payer six centimes Euro seulement.

I am a lucky boy.

Not only am I a Master Abecedarian, and have been honoured with the best question award, but I am even liked my Sainsbury's.

The plot so far (written in the level of English which I should be able to translate, hence the stilting prose):

I went to buy bread. I did not buy my normal loaf. I choose to buy four different reduced items instead. I took them to the till. The cashier saw they were ten-pence each. He charged them as four items of the same product. Because one of the products was on multibuy (and what the hell's that going to be in French?), the computer removed thirty-six-pence from the total. The total was forty-pence. It became fourpence.

The cashier was a little surprised. He was laughing when I counted out two tuppences. It was a little ridiculous.

But I like going shopping when I only have to pay four pence.

Babelfish (as did one of the French dictionaries on helped in the making of this post, as I tend to be able to remember the sounds not the spelling (and when's it's étaient versus été, it matters [ish]). And that took me ages, and was bloody hard work, which can only mean it's largely wrong.

Writing for translation also manages to grub out any hint of humanity or interest in the text.

I am of course putting off the big post from last week.


PS. Of course I forgot my Nectar card.
PPS. Ok, slight lie, as I used to have Reward card, and it never quite got transferred.

Thanks for playing! Have fun this week!
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