Monday, July 11, 2005

Andie McDowellHuzzah!

Buzz/Neil/InActFa/Mr Grant*/Goshikins** tells people to come here, as item number three in a list of six things of interest. Not only that, but he tells everyone to skip the main bit and scroll down to a PS which isn't by me. Result!

Admittedly I might have made life [and success therein] a little easier had I bothered to right something which wasn't utter rubbish, but given the current evidence I doubt it's wise to wilfully indulge in fantasy (Grape flavoured or not - see #1).

But there's no point in trying to be offended, because A. I'm not. I ought to be, but I'm not. B. It's too darned hot. C. How can anyone get cross with someone who is an equal mix of pathetic and foppish?

* I say that in jest, but what proof do we have that he's not a certain actor? We know he strives to keep his true identity well hidden, and if you were HG trying to be anonymous, you would, wouldn't you?
** I so hope the latter sticks.

While wondering just how London Dan managed to make a Google map of his route on Thursday (and trying to solve a little question of location), I started exploring. In my travels I found a plane near Brixton, an infestation of red ants towards Camden and an inflatable building just off Oxford Street. But having investigated some more famous aspects of London, I want to know when Google [or whoever they paid] collected all their satellite data. According to Google, Trafalgar Square is still a roundabout, the Gherkin looks half-eaten, Broadcasting House has yet to bloom and grew [forever?], half of Houston in Euston has yet to distort its way out of the ground and St Pancras International is still such a ridiculous notion as it sounds.


PS. Goshikins made me feel slightly embarrassed for writing so well that he encourages people to bypass it. And then he posts this.

And then he gets so embarrassed about the crapness of what you linked to in your PS that he went and changed it, the swine.
No fair!

No fêtes either.

For an explanation, see the next [yet to be written and posted] post.
I've just come across the Gmaps Pedometer which will do some of that route making stuff really easily for you in just a few clicks - much easier than the way I went about it!
Oooh, that's really funky. I now know that I walk 3 kilometres each way to go swimming (and what's 228 Calories in toasted sandwiches?).

Very cool, possibly in a beyond geeky way; thank you.
Argh, I don't know but that's just 2 calories under a Mars bar! I love this quote from the Guardian:

"5. It can also make you fat. A Mars bar has 230 calories and 12g of fat. An average person needs 2,000 calories per day - less than nine Mars bars. You should probably stop at seven."
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