Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Drilling a toothI do hope it doesn't mean anything.

3 groups of 3 fighter jets just went over heading north. Disappeared off to the north, but they must have changed direction as I can still hear them rumbling behind the horizon. Initial thoughts were that it was the Red Arrows, except they didn't look particularly red, but they flew to the west of me, so were mostly against the sun. And the website doesn't have anything listed.

But 9 aircraft? It can't be coping with something potentially bad, as there's far too many.

In other news, that bloody radio controlled car is back. It's been around every day for a week. It's some odd petrol driven thing, so there's constant loud whining (think a car reversing at speed) which is inescapable even with all the windows closed (and the batteries never run out). Judging by my neighbours comments, I wouldn't be surprised if a few proper sized cars also went to the same carpark to practice their handling skills, and just so happened to back over the sodding thing. Various people have tried negotiating, but all that achieved was that it no longer continues until 2am.

Are lynch mobs legal?

Or maybe I can get away with kicking one of the windows on the office building which owns the carpark, simply to trip the burglar alarm and get the security company to turn up and tell them to bugger off.

Ah, angry voices outside the window. Then calmer but persistent voices. And then only the rooks cawing. Please let this be what I think it is.

[I think one of the men who walked past before the sudden silence was policeman from a couple of roads away. So if he could hear it, just how many hundreds of people are they pissing off?]

But continuing the theme of annoyances; is Athlete's Foot one of those things which just goes away?

I'd better stop this post before I start feeling sympathetic with the people who complained about the noise from Top Gear's test track. One wonders how they managed to miss Harriers practising their take-offs in the site's previous incarnation (or what they'd make of the entire place becoming housing).

Sodding hell. They've started again.

God give me strength.

And flamethrower please.


Edit at 21.00. It gets better. Having overheard an altercation (man bangs a on door, woman answers, man demands to see other man, woman says they're eating, man says he'll wait, woman suggests he might be waiting a while, man says he's staying where he is, woman says she's calling the Police, man and woman talk, man eventually leaves*) it turns out that the owners of the office have graciously agreed to allow the model car drivers unhindered access, and the Police have been informed of this agreement. It is rather strange that no one thought to inform any of the many residents who would be disturbed by this action, oh, and is it legal for an area classed as A2/B1 office space to permit motor sports? Which category does motor sport come under? D2, or is it an amusement centre and so needs site-specific permission for every change of use? Wherefore art thou EHO?

*Added even later: It turns out the nice man threatened to drive up and down the road until he found the man who had complained (now that's a bright idea when the street's full of ex-, and not ex, policeman). The nice man also stuck his foot inside the door as soon as the woman opened it. The nice man also couldn't see what the problem was, as he'd only been there today and on Saturday, although he admitted he'd not done it on Monday because there were already people there and they were a "bad sort" (which coming from the hunting-down and doorstepping nice man...).

To think I felt like reaching for the rum before this started.

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