Friday, July 29, 2005

Notting Hill Gate, London Underground Station. Service InformationJust been sent a forwarded email. The image in it is the one to the right.

Another "I shouldn't laugh, but". And then you realise they were probably being serious. And then you start fervently hoping it's been B3taed as the thought of it being legit and intentional (if unthinking) is too worrying.

I would have stuck it on Flickr, but at least two other people already had (but then it has been doing the rounds for 3 days. I got forwarded two steps downstream of an actuary, so it just shows how out of the loop I am).

Actually it can't be real; they used both "you are" and "your" in the right contexts.

Anyway, that is all (for now, as I've still got Tateage to do).

Actually that's not all. I've just remembered I have to gush profusely because David Sucher, as in Mr City Comforts, as in the reason I went to bloody Alton in the first place (see Monday's post), has added me to his sidebar.

I'm a bit worried about being under the heading "The Built Environment (writ large)", but I hope the "writ large" bit means occasionally/in passing/when I remember.

And now, that is all.


the Brits normally use 'you are' and 'your' correctly :))
My goodness, do they?

But not however those who write messages on the underground. Or maybe I only use the truly illiterate stations.
Have just stumbled on your blog and spent the last hour reading just a couple of posts and laughing myself silly. Was just complaining on my blog the other day that I couldn't find any blogs worth reading, but now I have! Keep it up, I await the next amusing installment!
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