Tuesday, August 30, 2005

London - Revolution[This post has been overtaken by events. Guess that's what happens when something is left as a draft for half a month].

I've obviously harangued a bit too much. InAcFa's joined Flickr. He's stuck one picture on his account (it's people singing in a river. I don't know either). However, due to the wonder that is Exif data I know that he owns a Canon Eos 1D Mark II.

Is that one of the series where as the model number loses a zero the price gains one? So that would mean it's [Google-ing] about $4,000 or £3,000 pounds (or £2.2k on eBay, ex. VAT. They've come down a lot since I lasted looked, unless I've got models mixed up). That's the sort of camera I'd lust after, but wouldn't actually want because I'd be too scared to take it out of the packaging in case I break it (unless I had no-holds-barred insurance, which would probably cost about half the value of the camera). Then there's the lens to think of. His was on 125 mm. My zoom only goes up to 70. So his is 55 mm more. That's a whole lens on its own!

The other settings don't tell me much, except that the Canon doesn't bother with any imprecise rounding. Why say a third when you can say 11184811/33554432?

I have to admit to being confused by the differing values of the shutter speed and the exposure. Surely one is the other? Unless they actually mean the speed at which the shutter travels. I didn't even know one could vary that.

But other than finding myself becoming supremely jealous, his exif data has finally spurred me to look up what that YCbCr thing is. Now I know, just don't ask me to explain it.

I've just noticed the original image dimensions: 3,512 x 2340 = 8.2 million pixels = about three monitor widths (although I've just noticed my monitor isn't on the very highest setting. I'm sure there's a reason for this, I just can't remember it). Ok so the camera I routinely borrow churns out 5 million. Maybe it's just the SLR-dom that awes me.

Anyway, enough of the envy. Onto other stuff. WS has returned and taken to writing boyband orientated gay porn (which suffers from a slight excess of throbbingness, but other than that is fairly amusing [it is meant to be crap, isn't it? We are laughing with, not at, aren't we?]. Of course only I would be reading sniggerably badly written fetish fiction and midway through think "Does it?" - the burning comment).

There goes any hope of MSN letting me back into their search results. Well, if they're stupid enough to use MSN (currently featuring "7 cool compliments that aren't corny")...

And now we continue our occasion series on Dan related items; this time with a different Dan. [Er, I can't remember what this was. Probably something to do with he of City of Sound].

Other asides:
Those "7 Million Londoners, 1 London" banners which are everywhere round London (well, central London). As sponsored by e or EDF energy, otherwise known as Électricité de France. Just an observation.

Flickr on the BBC. Sorry, but I was just surprised that something I've known about for a while popped up on the BBC News website. News is what happens to other people, isn't it? Good use of colloquialisms though.


The joys of having a friend who actually makes money as a professional photographer is that one can borrow his kit from time to time.
I would highly recommend against doing so - it makes one's own camera feel cheap and inadequate, but at least mine weighs far less and I don't need an extra suitcase when I go on holiday.
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