Saturday, August 13, 2005

GF2 600 - 18 St Swithun WindowsWhy does he have to be so good?

[Spot the misquoted lyric*].

Stairs once again excels himself in taking incredible photographs. This time he turns on a UNESCO'd town in Morroco. And somehow the trees become painted bits of sponge on broken paper clips. The fortified town is apparently made of card. And yet it's the real thing with no sign of hardboard or papier-mâché.

The power of Vaseline. I gotta get me some. Although I too have discovered the effect of smears on a plane in front of the lens. Except rather than making a ring around the point of interest I captured perfectly a ring of clarity surrounding the greasy smudge. I think nose-window contact may have previously occurred. And it was taken from the window of a tatty coach with a basic point-and-click several years ago, and I was trying to avoid reflections, and I'm making excuses, aren't I?

Oddly this image is one of my most viewed on Flickr. Whereas if I try using Flickr's new sort-by-interestingness Flickr proceeds to tell me that a not very good image which has not been seen by anyone else, and so has had no comments or favorite-ing, is in the top ten percent of all my photographs.

Now would probably be a good time to mention the latest batch put onto Flickr, except they're mostly disappointing. Not the right light, and mostly not the right subject. I was feeling a bit uninspired.

Anyway, they're filed under Alton, Winchester and the tag end of Florid. But I've taken better.

While I remember, check out the Banksy stuff Stairs plugs.

* Bond. So now I've hauled out (can one haul an MP3?) the contents of a folder labelled themes. ...Oh why ask me-e-e-e? Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes...

Which segues into Bananaman [29 Acacia Road]. Might not have wanted all the contents of the folder. Buffy now. Have I no shame? Der-de... der-de... der-de der-de der-de-der-de

It gets better: Bergerac. It's no wonder I've no room left on this computer. Hmm, but now Winamp's getting confused, playing odd sections of the songs instead. Dr Who now. In my defence I would just like to [the Bond theme] pointed out that they were probably ported over unedited back in the days of the internal uni network.

I must type very slowly given the number of themes playing during this entry (though finger clicking to Fraggle Rock doesn't help).

Anyway, the main point of this post was to say I'm about to get busy, so might become a bit intermittent for a fair while.

Dance your cares away, worries for another day.

And to really prove I have no dignity, I would just state for the record that I always thought Fraggle Rock was in Cornwall.

Ah thangue un gornigh!


PS. Did anyone else think the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons was horribly sad? The bit where they go over the waterfall and get trapped? Just me (and my brother) being far too sensitive then?
PPS. John Williams is quite good, isn't he?
PPPS. I'm still putting off doing something (I hate selling myself. I'm me. If I have to put more than that it just sounds so false. And it's bloody raining. Can't I just curl up and go to sleep instead?).

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