Saturday, September 03, 2005

2005-08-31 051Hello,

I know I haven't posted in while, but it's just that I've a succession of unfinished posts, and suddenly no time to finish them. Oh, by the way, I'm about to disappear for a bit; maybe tell you later.

Anyway, hope you're all having fun (at least those of you not wondering why I'm not providing a full listing of shops stocking Doc Martens in Leicestershire or wondering what the font used in Harry Potter books is). I'm sure you can entertain yourselves while I'm gone (stop sniggering); browse the sidebar, peruse the archives, play round on Flickr (sorry the latest batches aren't fully tagged and titled, time has lift greater than or equal to etc. Speaking of which laugh or wince [possibly Vicky V]).

That better be it, as I've got to go to bed for an obscenely short amount of sleep.


PS. Just got very confused when I saw the time. Blogger's still on GMT.

Hope things are well... don't go for too long. I mean, what would I have to read with you not writing your witty bits of randomness and reason? :)
good post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.
hi honey how are you doing? come back soon
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