Thursday, October 06, 2005

2005-08-31 021 MinagfiFor those who are easily amused.

For the... heck I'm not even going to try and spin it. It's a meme and my voice is too croaky to say no (and I was glazing over while gazing at stats presented in units I don't understand). The suddenly cryptically uber-goth Rachel volunteered me for this list of my top three songs to X to (although anyone who names Amy Studt as a top three anything deserves to be ignored for all eternity).

Sing To:
Mrs Robinson, Simon and Garfunkel (wo-wo-woah).
Virtually Fat Free, Rootjoose.
Ding Dong Merrily on High. What? I used to enjoy singing it at primary school, and watching everyone else run out of breath mid-Gloria. Chorally competitive, now there's a great attribute. If not that, then:
The Monkees, The Monkees. I have no taste/they got to me early.

Dance To:
Insomnia, Faithless. I can't dance, but with this on it doesn't matter.
Glorious Pop Song, Skunk Anansie (not that I would have been bouncing around madly to the rest of the album. And I feel I should point out that dancing and singing tend to be the same thing near me).
Bluetonic, The Bluetones. Once again, I can't dance.

Romance To:
Mezzanine (the album), Massive Attack. You can't expect romancing to be over in 3 minutes and 46 seconds, hence the whole album. Also ideal for thunderstorms.
Some of stuff on the Get Carter soundtrack. Too gorgeous.
Sexy Boy, Air. Ok, that's romancing me (if reducing the intended party into a fit of very unflattering giggles counts as romancing. It's the thought that counts).

Fight To:
Have you met me?
Or should I pick something suitably cliched like Barber's Adagio for Strings?
Maybe Brimful of Asha?
Perhaps the theme from the Teletubbies?
California Dreaming?
Anything else suitably incongruous.

Smile To:
Girl from Mars, Ash.
Something by Ruth.
A whole swathe of songs from a tape from long ago. Moby's take on the James bond theme was unintentionally one of them (back before we knew who Moby was). Blame the younger brother of the tape's creator overwriting part of it. The Oasis-Moby segue is not one I've heard repeated. But the tape was happiness in a badly driven Volvo which smelt of dog and in that car one was always grateful that it wasn't Leonard Cohen).

Cry To:
Everybody Hurts, REM.
Street Spirit, Radiohead.
Half the stuff by The Cranberries.

As for this tagging others business: if you're fool enough to do it then do it, otherwise don't.


Barber's Adagio for strings is gorgeous. And I loathe, I positively detest that I can't enjoy it fully because it conjurs up images of watching "Platoon" or of Bosnian Serbs in a concentration camp or whatever. We're not even going to start with Carmina Burana or A Musical Joke - and I never even watched the bloody Horse Of The Year Show.

Takes slow deep breaths, counts to ten and imagines, gah! That bloody surfer on the old Old Spice adverts.
Why am I "suddenly cryptically uber-goth"?
Rachel: You might have Abba, The BeeGees and Village people on your "to dance to" list, but it's in black and purple. Those are as über-gothy colours as it gets....
And last night the background image* didn't load, so it was extremely dark purple against black. I had to resort to Ctrl+A to read anything.

* Originally typed as img. If I start using hspace and bgcolor then you know I've been succumbed to the power of HTML.

B's A for S - I've never seen Platoon, but I usually have someone pointing out every rip off of it (and there are a lot).

Should I be worried that for much classical music I can name the accompanying advert? A quick Google reveals that many CDs on Amazon list the work followed by the advert it was in (admittedly these tend to be CDs like The Best Classical Music in the World Ever: Part 4c).
How's yellow for you?

(Btw, the background image problem I think was a result of an unprecedented number of hits which made me exceed my Geocities limit. Hopefully it'll be at worst a rare occurance otherwise I'll have to look into alternatives.)
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