Friday, November 25, 2005

2005-08-31 040In lieu of either describing recent happenings, or reacting to things found on other people's blogs, and not wanting to delve into the stats quite yet, here's a little amusement:

Forwarded by email, and from CNNNN (I don't get the extra N either), is a little adventure in "where next".

Best line (after the final one) "I think there's a revolution going on pretty soon". Actually it's just been postponed. It was going to be on 27th December, but they realised that most people would still be on their Christmas holidays*. So now it's on 10th January to keep the Victorious Tuesday idea (well, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday already have extra names, and what's the point in having an event which will turn into a bank holiday at the weekend?).

Back to the video, and I won't admit how many misplaced pins I saw going in before I realised that the programme had its own cartographers.

* Yes I know.

As someone has already sent me an email with "Merry Christmas" as the title, and other people are putting the decorations up (er, it's November still. It's not even Advent yet), here's a little something to get you in the mood: Wizards of Winter, hosted on this site.

Something in me thinks that if Steven Spielberg wanted to make a house look possessed, a la Poltergeist, he should have gone to the guy who did this. What's the betting that half the children who see that burst into tears and are traumatised for life?

And now that I've got overblown guitars in my head I'd better stop.


PS. I wonder what Bohemian Rhapsody would look like at that house?

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