Tuesday, December 13, 2005

CF7 600 - Ultracolour - 19 SummerhouseI'm a real blogger now.

This morning I had my first blogger-spot. Ok, so it's more Flickrite-spot, although he does blog and I have read his [many] blogs occasionally. But still recognising somebody from the internet does seem so odd.

Anyway, at about 10.45 this morning as I was going from A to B I saw Mr Drift Words. It took me a while figure out why he was familiar. He was walking north on TCR just by the Cafe Nero (ok, so that's about as helpful as saying he was by the double-yellow lines, but I know where I mean). He was carrying a paper Cafe Nero cup of potentially coffee. He had clothes on this time, I think.

And that was about it, as it took me a while to recognise him, a while longer to start deciding what to do, by which time we'd passed and it would have been a bit odd to turn round and chase him up the pavement while crying out "Hey, wait a minute, I know you, well, I don't, but you're that bloke from the internet; I've read your blog, well, parts of one of them a while ago, and I've looked at your pictures, ok, some of them, because they're a bit hit and miss, I mean sometimes you get it right, but anyway I'm not really in a position to judge, but, um, I've seen your profile, and, er, I can't remember much except you've got an odd name that you changed, and I sort of know what you do, but I do know where you live. Er, why are you running? You'll spill your coffee." Besides, I was supposed to have been at B at half-past, and anyway, I can't go meeting people for the first time when I haven't shaved sufficiently, I've had about one day's sleep over the past 3 days and I'm wearing what can only be described as an innovative combination of clothes.

So, yeah, that's about it for mildly entertaining, but still not quite entertaining enough, diversions.


I think I know where you mean too. Say hi next time. I can't promise I'll respond, that depends on exactly how insane you are looking at the time.

Wow Any, its a small blogosphere isn't it.

p.s. on a completely random note - what is the "The Recips"?
MW: Ok, aura of insanity permitting (and assuming I'm not late for something, which does limit it a bit).

Az: Recips: them be blogs who do reciprocal links. I know you do, and therefore deserve to be up there, but, well, um, er... I'm idle and haven't tweaked my template in a while.
Well, when you next do then. ;-P
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