Tuesday, December 13, 2005

IMGP0167Just heard in the entertainment news section on Radio 1 (I'm doing work, it doesn't make me think, QED). Somebody is going to play in Manchester before "flying to the UK".

And they complain the real news is Londoncentric.

Oh well.

And obviously Radio 1 doesn't like me commenting on it, as now the signal keeps going. Except I'm playing it over the internet, and I think it's the wireless router dropping packets.

Oooh, funky in-a-tunnel effect, but now it's like he's singing through a slinky. And now nothing.


Don't get me started on the quality (or thereby lack of) of Radio1 "newsbeat" or pathetic pulse as i like to call it.

They report such trivial crap, e.g. Re: George Best funeral - "Callum had a floral tribute which read DAD" - So do lots of people on such occasions, its not like its anything out of the ordinary!
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