Friday, December 09, 2005

Who or what is Google Analytics?

When I posted the other bit from today, the status bar flickered between and Blogger I'd understand, what with the whole using Blogger thing, but what does Google Analytics have to do with anything? Is my post being fed direct into Google's database so that it can keep its results completely up to date (and happen to give prominence sites run with the assistance of Google-owned

Or is it going off to feed the Google ads and make sure those on my blog are the best possible? Except I don't have adverts on my blog (unless I'm making reference to things like M&S food porn. This is not just bondage, this is S&M bondage, made with Venezuelan latex masks, covered with real hemp rope burns, genuine lethally spiked dog collars, and louche seduction drooled from Ballykissangel lips).

Or is it all going into the database that complies which ISP I was using, the registration number of the version Windows I'm using, the programmes running on this computer, the make and age of computer, the current CPU temperature? And would Google Analytics have a sister company called Universal Exports, and would Google Analytics [Northern Europe] Inc. just so happen to have an office in Vauxhall?

The URL returns a Google branded 404.

Any ideas?


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