Sunday, January 15, 2006

GF9 600 - 02I ought to blog, as I haven't in a while, and I'm worried what people might think of the last post. I've got a half written post waiting, except I've just discovered it's on a different, no-longer-interneted computer. And I really can't be bothered to either replicate it or dig up a copy, so you'll get tired, worried and soporifically overheated thoughts from... I got that in the wrong order, didn't I?

Oh, and I should mention, the whole househunting saga is over. I've moved. And only now do I discover that one of the flatmates smokes. Hence the tiredness, worriedness and overheatedness. Not the smoking, the new people/place-ing.

Oh, and for some reason this computer keeps going on strike so nothing works for minutes at a time. So I'll do what I always do when I'm without anything to talk about (and consider stats stuff too much like hard work): Flickr.

There are yet more new images on there. Not as many as I wanted to get done, but things didn't go to plan.

There are series playing round with televisions and monitors, driving the human into the abstract. There are those intended simply to annoy. A cluster from Friday the 13th, which skip the unluckiness. A whole real actual film of pictures taken at the Trafalgar Day event back in, um... October sometime, I think, which I haven't had chance to tag yet, and of which some are fairly good. A couple of even earlier films taken around London: GF6, GF7 and GF8. Which gets us back to Christmas and the snow. Those taken on film, with a proper [broken] camera tend to be better, so Traf and the GF's if you're easily distracted.

You might notice from the spurious dates and lack of tagging on some, that I haven't finished sorting them yet, but I'm sure you'll cope. The lastest batches also haven't been put into sets, like the "I Like" grouping (which you might also want to check out [this is a less than subtle and rather despairing hint]).

Basically more pictures on Flickr. Some of them are even good. Go and look. Comment if you like. Heck you can even start commenting here if you like (apparently I missed Delurk Week last week).

But that'll have to do for now as I've still got a bed to invent.



PS. Flickr.

PPS. I'm still waiting. There's a clue elsewhere on my account. Answers on a postcard (or via any other viable means). The prize: maybe a postcard (well one of you has already had that, but that was an experiment. I'm surprised the postcarded one hasn't got it though).

Look, the picture's called "London Eye", I've never been there, I don't stand a chance except to say that the building at the end of the corridor looks like some kind of Victorian railway architecture. But a quick check of Google Earth shows Waterloo facing the wrong way, and having the hideous Eurostar bit (where I was on Dec 29th) on the "Eye side" anyway.
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