Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2006-01-14 017I really shouldn't swear about people - at least not when they're not present. The bloody muppet who made me so happy yesterday by sending out something I was cc'd on which described me as a "very efficient and good guy" [cue much sniggering], has now shown that all things are relative, and compared to him I am efficient.

Guess who sent out my email address to hundreds of people asking them to send in masses of files. Gee thanks for doing that and not maybe, I don't know, running it by me beforehand, oh and well done for using my private and important email address rather than my related-organisation [and internally spammed] one.

And equally well done for managing to send out 7 hefty and mildly contradictory emails in the past 3 hours. Yay you.

Sorry, I'm pissed off enough to lurch into words scarcely used, which only annoys me more.

And another sorry for what feels like lapsed blogging. It's the usual; big posts, not yet finished, which are obsolescing faster than I can write them and Blogger has been losing chunks thus disincentivising me (although not enough to stop taking the piss out of an American I've recently met). I can even fall back on the traditional stats post as there seems to be a wave of people wanting to do dangerous, distasteful or downright confusing things to Matt Barbet (who if the searches are to be believed is not only an inbred hermaphrodite, gay, well-hung and worst of all Welsh, but who also uses a stage name. I'm not sure if they mean Matt Barbet is a pseudonym or if it is his real name and he uses something draggish for his other persona [said he not being able to think of any examples. For some reason "Emily Maitlis" seems apt having the dual qualities of being girly and having a pun at its core, yet I'm not sure "Emily Mateless" really gives the right impression]. Sometimes I wonder if Google's just making it up, but none of the other recent searches are really suitable for public consumption).

I'd better stop as the bile's drained away and left not much energy in its place.


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