Friday, February 17, 2006

GF8 600 - 34 The PepperpotI shouldn't laugh really.

A young man and young woman are standing on the street outside the building.

They've been having a conversation that's been verging into argument for a while. Amongst the many other details which have been broadcast to anyone inside the M25 is the information that the woman has a wide selection of STDs. And she reckons she got them from [what is presumably] her boyfriend, who in turn must have got them from somewhere. The somewhere apparently being a mutual contact [and by the sound of one comment, possibly the infected girl's sister] with whom he linked up with after the shouting couple became a couple.

The whole blazing-row-in-public thing isn't really being helped the man who keeps having to break away from shouting at her to allow fits tarry-phlegm based coughing.

Who needs television when you can have a talk show live on one's very own doorstep?

Oooh, ooh, ooh! She's hitting him with her handbag!

Burberry no less.

Although it may be fake as the handles just came off.


Your posts in the past have made me smile and occasionally let out the odd "hehe" but never have i read a blog post that has actually made me "LOL" so hard.

"Burberry no less.
Although it may be fake as the handles just came off."


And where have you been hiding? I was about to start some rumours as to your lack of blogging
Hiding: Um, well, mid-week deadlines, then other things on, and, um, only getting about 8 hours sleep since Monday. And some of that will get explained in the next post. But only some.
Bwah! That's awesome. I particularly enjoyed the "tarry-phlegm based coughing". The best though, is watching gay couples squabble while tweaked out on E or something. Can't manage coherencey to save their lives.
[Cursing computers which keel over between "Preview" and "Publish". Briefly recapping]
How do you know these things?

Even worse than the stuff above was that the last I heard of them was a car alarm being triggered by their amorousness. Some people are a little slow on the uptake, no?

BTW, Hi Sin, it's great to have you here. Curiosity bids me ask from whence you came, as my tracker gives me two options: one Google for "Weetabix and apple", the other via Feedster for beerintheevening and I'm struggling to decide which is more you.
Haha! Watching public rowing is entertaining; however, the Burberry really did set the scene for me in my head:- *claps claps* Well done! :-p
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