Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2006-01-14 017Sorry for the poor blogging - it's a combination of not having time (tonight is going to be yet another sleepless night. If only it was just insomnia), having stuff I'm not too sure I actually want to post here, and having the usual long, unfinished post lurking in the background.

So ignoring all that, the astute amongst you might have noticed the small changes in the sidebar, with a couple of new entries - mostly tentative recips, which means they've linked to me, and I'm not sure why, or quite what to make of them. Let me know who you think should stay (and therefore by inference who you think should go. Heck, why bother with the inference).

But the real reason for this post is, amongst the many other referrals I've had, including the usual requests for Dartmoor cottaging (er, which one do they mean?), the muppet-faced cast of BBC London (although strangely none for the one who really shouldn't wear pigtails, but that's possibly because I've no idea of her name), Portsmouth cottageing, the bizarre "fishing as a verb" - for which I appear to be the sole result, Guildford cottaging, the first lines of nursery rhymes*, and yes the pattern does appear a tad predictable. So just to add a hint of roundness, here's some Norfolk cottaging (anyone else suddenly thinking of those who do not smoke nor drink?).

Anyway, point of post: at 18.24 today, data1.foxtons.co.uk arrived at this site having searched for "foxtons, wankers". Huzzah, they've reached the first stage.


* Vaguely related. #49.

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