Sunday, March 19, 2006

Guess 3Hurrah!

We have sun!
We have distinct lack of easterlies whining as they rock the building!
And we have Dodgy!

It's odd how one song can make it summer, even though we're still on GMT, the trees have no leaves, and my radiator is running at full whack to counter the pit of cold coming from the window.

Admittedly it doesn't have to be Good Enough by Dodgy, but it's such a happy song that the fact it's permanently linked in my head to swinging round Cornish lanes is almost overkill. It could be Peaches (and if you're thinking of either female then you're obviously not old enough: TPOTUSA). It could be Girl from Mars by Ash.

[Briefly distracted by digging out my Presidents CD (and fleetingly trying to remember if it's actually my brother's, but it's still got the Record Corner price tag - £7.00 - on it, so it must have been a present) and naughtily skipping through to track 6. I haven't heard it in so long, I've almost forgotten what the original sounds like. But I'm not in the mood for the rest of it, so after a bit of indecision - The Flaming Lips, Ash, Dodgy, Mamas and Papas, The Thrills - the archaic machine is now thudding out Athlete... Chorus!].

So as for those people who claim they've heard the summer song, well there's Ash. There's the Presidents. There's Dodgy. There's so many. So stick that up your feeling and sew it.

And how can a heart be in a headlock?

And yep, this is blatant "I did Googles? Push it down, quick!" post. And I'm tired and wasting time. You can tell I'm tired; I'm using exclamation marks!

But I don't want to do work. And it's too damn sunny to sit in front of a computer all day and night, and yet I have no other option. And isn't it great when someone finally relays a bit information I've been after for ages, so I now discover that everything I'd been working to so far was an order of magnitude out.

Is that a hurrah or a huzzah? I'm thinking huzzah.

Oh, and because I haven't done it in a while: Flickr.

But the lack of Flickrage is due to A, a broken lens, B, lack of digital camera, C, lack of scanner for the films I've put through despite the lens, as the fault doesn't normally show.

And if you're quick (who am I kidding?), so might also get to see a stunning example of some dodgy drawing, which would make my ex-art teacher livid.

You can also take part in some fun guessing games, because I know how much you all like those. Basically supreme boredom and a borrowed camera leads to experimentation.

And I ought to go and grab some food before the getting back to fudging numbers (or not; why am I so obsessively diligent?).


And Az, before you complain, I'll cede that given blazing sun, sips of apple juice and The Feeling's Sewn, that the latter might feel summery. Or it could just be I'd forgotten how much I like apple juice (which oddly is apparently more expensive than cider).

And yes I still don't want to do work.
Obviously when I said that, I meant "of this year", and "so far".
*Sarcastic "Duh!"*

And I was actually thinking the other day that Radio 1 has gone and done their over-play-till-you-hate-it thing again with regards to Sewn.

But anyway, you can't compare the Feeling, to classics like Dodgy. Of course I know that.There are plenty of other much better Summer Anthems.
Whilst we're here: Orpheus - Ash, Steal my Sunshine - Len, Texas, Bran Vann 3000, Ace of Base, Beautiful South...I could go on and on...

But, I bet you can't name a summery track that has come out this year/since the end of last summer, that is more summery than the Feeling. :P

"Na-na naa na na naa..."
The Wannadies! Who could for get the you and me song!
I have. What's a Wannady?

Undertones - "Here comes the Summer" you're talkin'
You're so easy to wind up. I want to do it again.

Ace of Base? All that she wants is another baby? Huh? Have I missed something?

And I'll see your Feeling a raise you a Jack Johnson; he may be summer tinned in syrup, but it's still summer.

And should I admit to not quite being able to remember Orpheus? Look, I've never been good on names, and take the view that I'll buy the CD in a couple of years when the price comes down, by which time I've forgotten what I was going to buy.

It's a great way of saving money, just not of expanding musical knowledge - but then the recurring music in my life recently has been Rachman 2 (one neighbour, one random) and Tonight, Tonight from West Side Story (someone in the dept was singing it last night, which means I've had it stuck ever since, and I don't know the words).

And I'm trying to find out what Orpheus sounds like, but Xfm's video player wipes out Firefox, which takes my computer with it, and other people want me to pay.

The Wannadies? I've got a tape of that somewhere (actually the album it isn't on, but I must have an MP3 somewhere).

Hey 4D.

The Undertones? They what the Bluetones got renamed when they sank into obscurity?

And as if by magic, Winamp randomness has just managed to find the sole S-Club 7 song in the collection (the presence of which I blame on someone else). Summery, but I don't think it really goes with the Undertones.

Now it's Daft Punk… it's not getting any better is it?
I'm so not wound-up :P

and Ash - Orpheus - click on the little music thingy.

Ah JJ - touche!
Can't beat that least not yet...
Unless you want to count Corinne Bailey Rae? Her video for "Put your records on" - oozes summer.
Or any of those Dance tracks that always come out in summer - Freemasons/shapeshifters?
Oh, that one! Well, if you'd tried singing it then I would have known the instant you got to "sunshine in the morning".

CBR: but it's so omnipresent, I even get assailed to buy her music on the Tube (just next to the adverts which say "Winter is coming, get winter white teeth" or "Free Travel on New Year's Eve").

As for dance stuff: um, I've vaguely heard the names, and I must have heard the music, but...

Not that it matters much.

Hmm, checking email every 8 minutes; I must have work to do.
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