Sunday, May 07, 2006

GF9 600 - 27I should be working, but, er, I'm not.

So after managing to go and see the heffalump last night, only getting there at about 7.35, and discovering that while the show may run late, it also may run early, hence a snoring girl, a sagged elephant and about 8 people in the entirety of a very wet Horseguard's, and no sign of action until today, when I don't have time to see it. I hadn't realised that it was supposed to be put on last year, running over the weekend of the 9th July, and so unsurprisingly got postponed at the last minute. I guess I'll just have to be another city it happens to visit at the right time.

Oh, and to the Texans on the bus yesterday: It's Nelson's Column. It commemorates Admiral Nelson who died at the Battle of Trafalgar, hence being in Trafalgar Square. It is not "The Trafalgar Square Column" and it does not commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar Square, although yes, that was in Spain [ok, "that" being the battle, and off-Spain being more accurate, and anyway surely it would be "Plaza de Trafalgar"?]. But then their other comments where about Diana Rigg [she was on television, said in tones of awe, although they didn't know what she'd been in, simply that she'd been on] and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest [Is that new? I heard someone talking about it, must have only just come out], featuring Christian Slater [I didn't know he was British]. They also were loudly discussing which bus to get from Victoria, despite getting on one with "Westminster" on the front. I guess they'll just to pay out another dollar-half to get in-between (well, they could walk it as it's only a short walk, but it's a short English walk, in weather they'd complained was being very English [how do you think this land stays so green and pleasant? It's not sprinklers you know]).

I do hope it was an act put on to amuse the locals, while allowing the perpetrators to laugh at the gullibility of the audience.

Hell, I've just seen the time. Point of this post was being reminded that the Eurovision Song Contest is slowly approaching. How? Because someone found here by Googling "Peter and the Woof"+mp3 (sorry, I've only got it on a "Classics for Children" tape, try searching for "Peter and the Wolf", and now I've got the tune stuck in my head da-de de-d'd'd'...), which lead me here, and then to the Eurotastic "I wanna love you tender" and "Moscow". I'm not sure which is worse, although the Finglish adds a certain something, with memorable lines like "Your lips are taste of wine", "How can I be sure you no pretender?" "I just want to be your loving bender [or possibly fender]" and their curious inability to say "sweet" plus the odd Monty Python reference at about the two-minute mark. Note the section which also doubles as a deodorant application instructional video.

At least the Moscow/Moscou/Moskau thing has the advantage of being in German so the logical nonsense of the lyrics is obscured (although I'm not sure what Brunhilde is doing in there). And it doesn't help my brain keeps slipping into "Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen". Good comic baddy laughing though, and surely that can't be Ming in the blue?

Think you can better either of those? Links in the comments.


PS. Bathtub? Er, I know pop lyrics are supposed to make no sense, but...

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