Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greece 1 600 - 14 EphemerataI'm on television.

I appear as the voiceover says "more conventional" in this report.

Ok, so it's only by the greenish hue, time of day and state of build that I know it's me, and there was another person with me, hence to seemingly shapeless form as we peer through the gap in the fence towards the left of the picture.

And while I'm doing BBC News stuff, this image just amused me. Caption competition methinks.


You've never heard of Hanif Kureishi's "My Beautiful Laundrette"? Go get it at once. The book's not bad either.

And to think I was on Drury Lane this past Friday, getting happily drunk (aptly enough, on the corner of Drury and Great Queen Street). Ah, the irony.
Laundrette? I'm having images of soot stained Frigidaire signs (it's a highlight of the 134). Or is it more Levis ad?

But I was on Drury Lane on a Wednesday, and by the same logic, am a Kemble.

So when are we going to get happily drunk together (or possibly happily get drunk)?
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