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2005-09-21 Boat Show 021Firstly, do not watch very cheap copies of Flight of the Navigator (look, if he can watch London Eye Bueller, then I'm allowed to regress just as much [apparently they came out in the same year]. I just happened to be quite lot younger at the time, hence the different choice) when tired, as you might just find yourself getting just a bit emotional. Fortunately someone who does not understand the power of this film came and interrupted, dragging me away before I heard one syllable of "compliance".

And I think I've figured out why last week's clothes shopping ended in a sole stripey polo shirt. It's only because I can't wear navy that it's something in worryingly like old [nursery] school colours. Even though I've only seen the beginning recently, it's quite odd noticing the current fashions (well those recently current) which appear in the film (long sleeve t-shirts, white body, coloured arms, diagonal shoulder seams, used retrospectively to denote 1978ness. Very similar things have been hanging round since 2000). Disturbingly, continuing this process means thick, ribbed, white socks will be making a comeback. And that's before we get onto the then present day fashions, which could proof interesting, as the fashions worn by Sarah Jessica Parker (another link to the other film) could end up providing inspiration to the designers worn by SJP, in an apt weird time-travelly way.

Anyway, it's about the right time of year to watch it, as it's set on two Independence Days, and I've just had a really bizarre thought. Imagine Flight of the Navigator, but made in France, set around Bastille Day. Somehow I think it would a little impossible to keep Jean Paul Gautier out of it. And "conformité" just doesn't sound right.

Ok, now I'm scaring myself with the thoughts of the skittering mechanoids replacing the cute finger puppets, and the spaceship made of exposed rusty Mechano, which hisses steam sporadically. Bung in basement spider guy from Spirited Away and a theatrical villain like Cruella de Vil as the head of NASA and you'd be about there.

Perhaps rampantly American isn't always bad.

Huzzah for wanting to be David for £2.99. Less huzzah for seeing various other films I already own for the same price (to quote a strange mother-ism "Spit", which avoids both swearing and spitting). And an indifferent huzzah for Ghostbusters and the second one for the same price each, as I never saw either as a child, and was old enough to know that ghost was doing when I saw it, which lent a unsettling feeling of "what else do they smuggle into children's films?" to the whole thing.

Now all I need is a very cheap Bugsy Malone (and all the Indys and Back-tos and Star Wars's) and I can pretend I'm young forevermore.

And before you ask, nothing ever happened to Joey Cramer (he who plays David).
Blast. Firefox fled, and took the rest of this post with it. So instead of rewriting it all, I'll ask you questions about it and see if you can fill in the gaps.

1. Where is the zone 3 hiccup?
2. Where can one find "Bowes-Scott & Western"?
3. Who or what are EWS and what did I think it stood for (based upon what they do)?
4. The DLR tunnel into Bank reminds me of which television programme?
5. Why is there a Quantas battle flag outside my window?
6. Which opera did I skip, and what didn't I know came from it?
7. What is not perpendicular and runs on a bearing of about 010?
8. Where does the viaduct by Island Gardens go?
9. What are Watermen and Lightermen and who claims to be one along with a Journeyman and Freeman?
10. What really obvious photograph did I miss?
Bonus question: how do you turn the flash off?

Ok, so some of the answers might be the same and some of them might not have had answers in the original.


Did you delete my last comment for being abusive or did blogger do that for you?
What comment? And how abusive was it? And I'm not sure I could ever class you as being abusive; I'd probably just assume you were joking.

And WV's gone dyslexic: ifnch.
I used to LOVE that movie.
Used to? I take it you don't want a private screening then. I've just watched it with SG (who midway through recognised it. Such is the power of the Navigator that it got to China). It's dire, yet my cheeks hurt from the permanent inane grin.

Anyway, see ya later, alligator.
I think I was taking mock offence at the insinuation from "happened to be quite lot younger" that I was old. Then moving on to explaining that I couldn't answer question 4 because I don't watch CBeebies (that much).
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