Friday, July 28, 2006

2005-07-08 034Recent of interest:
Bank of NK.

New words:
Cumbrous - similar to cumbersome. Difficult to use or control due to excessive weight, size or complexity. Found in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which so far has taught me how to make war, but not yet how to find peace.
Sharawadgi - Either beauty born of deliberate asymmetry, intended mimicry of nature or the result of a laissez-faire attitude. Can't remember where I found it [1,2]
Juche - From the counterfeiting thing above.

Of Constable's artistic licence: He's not just taking liberties, he's got most of Regent Street under siege. Only works when spoken, unfortunately, and you do have to know that Liberty['s] is a [very nice] shop just off Regent Street.

Random dictionary reading introduced: frowsy and frowsty. Definitions vary with the definer. The former is more the state, the latter the smell of the state.


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