Sunday, August 13, 2006

This post is purely to break my YouTube-inity, as I appear to the only blogger in existence without embedded videos, although I also seem to be one of the few in London who hasn't been to a Madonna concert and thus gets to reply to texts with "Yours jealously".

Long tailing it as usual, and blatantly liberated from a random on Sin's sidebar.

And that better be it, as I'll only start ranting about yet another new flatmate, whose third sentence to me asked if the word was rota or roster, and who thought that cleaning the whole flat every three days should be sufficient, but if necessary we could do it more often. Good luck with that, and with getting the message across to Mr Piss-Poor [-Aim].

Ought I be worried that I didn't know the previous flatmate had moved out (well, it's August, and he's left his stuff in the kitchen, so I thought he was on holiday)? Alarmingly, that's yet another flatmate who has moved out and left a pair of shoes sitting in the hall.

Anyway, bed beckons, so I shall bid you good night, while trying to get Dan's Avenue Q song out of my head (and having bizarre Discworld based thoughts; guess the connection).


My weblog has no embedded videos. It's only ever had one photo. I'm a slow learner, largely because I have little inclination to learn.
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