Sunday, September 10, 2006

Antigua - Lizard on palmIn an echo of David Cameron's Tories, the conference will be urged to open up the party's prominent posts to far more women, ethnic-minority, disabled, homosexual and lesbian members.

Because lesbians are none of the above. Trust the Iguanard (because Grauniad's getting a bit stale, and the other options are things like RaguAndI or aduraing, which are a bit nonsensical, and iguanard sounds nicer, and pleasingly suggests that there might be somewhere called Iguana Road, which given the tendency of the paper [how archaic, considering it's electrons or photons] to insert spaces at random, in what I'm beginning to suspect is a ploy to fill space when they haven't written enough, is actually likely to be formed, once the transposition occurs).

Word for the day: lede. It means the initial line or paragraph of a news story; the information heavy hook that gives the gist of item, encouraging further reading but reducing the need for it. So the thing I never do.

Video for the day: Monkey Dust's Blown Hack Dawk (via CasAv's link to the Jihadis).


I like RaguAndi, although it does sound a lot more like a Ugandan brand of pasta sauce than a newspaper.
I didn't realise it had Uganda in it; how about the national airline - Ugandair?

Anyway, you're supposed to comment on the other post.
It has Gandi in it - thats Gujarati for crazy.
And Gand - Guj for arsehole.
There must be a few jokes there somewhere.

And yes, the other post (which I read very late and so couldn't muster the energy to reply to).

I'm still thinking of things that rhyme with Any/Anyhoo...apart from the blantantly obvious.

Incidently what rhymes with Azuric?
So is crazy from arsehole, or is it convergence?

'Hoo - You, too, flew, shoe, moo, do; it's not that hard.

Sick, thick, dick, prick or maybe a nice simple uric [as in acid]? Or you could go Bond villian, so Auric [as in Goldfinger].
You have way too much time on your hands. Either that or I'm not immature enough.

With the crazy arsehole, I think it's just coincidence.
You have way too much time on your hands. Either that or I'm not immature enough.

With the crazy arsehole, I think it's just coincidence.
You have way too many comments. Besides which, it took mere seconds to think of the rhymes.

And I so don't have way too much time on my hands.
You so obviously do have too much time on your hands. :-P eeuh!

See - I'm learning!

Oh and to top it off, WV: gxjlpooo

Hee hee hee.
No, I'm just misapplying it.
Speaking of no time, when is the dreaded deadline again?
Ton anniversaire. Nous aurons une partie en la soirée; wannacum? Oh, but you've got something else planned, haven't you? What bad organisation.
Actually, if one was paying attention, one would know that the something planned is the night before.

Thanks for the invitation, but something tells me a party full of stress-relieved and mentally exhausted building-biologists wouldn't be the best way to spend my birthday.

I hope you're not ratty or tired whilst reading this. :p

On a serious note though, yay! It will be a (hopefully) good day for us both.

What's planned after it's over?
A. Less of the real life please. I'm already getting paranoia inducing Googles.
B. Bad organisation: I wonder where I got that phrase from.
C. I fully intend to be sublime on the night. Admittedly intentions aren't exactly indicative of future performance.
D. Afterwards: sleep, porn with Dan (the internet is for), London Open House, pack, move, sort out future, hope there is a future.
A. Paranoia inducing Googles?
B. Sublime - so you should. Go for it.
C. (the internet is for) - God you scared me then*.
D. Whats London Open House?
E. Move - out of London?

*Although I really want to as well...see Avenue Q that is.
(This post must be doing wonders for Dan's ego.)
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