Sunday, September 03, 2006

IMG_1673Way cool.

I know I've been slow on the uptake, as it was launched on Monday (as I'd have know had I looked at Dan's other blog). Anyway, Flickr has added a funky map thing which allows one to tie pictures to their locations. Admittedly it's not quite there yet as it doesn't have a street map of London (but weirdly can find addresses which come out in the middle of blank maptiles). So I've stuck the photos from the Carnival round parts of Notting Hill, although for any idea of context you'll have to click on the satellite option.

I have to admit to getting very confused over the whole idea of pages (which show the same area but haphazard collections of photographs). And the filters section doesn't seem to be quite all it could be, as I clicked on it expecting to be able to search for tags (so I could look for only things labelled 'carnival' round Notting Hill), but instead get to choose whose photographs get shown (mine, those of my contacts, everyone).

My map. I'll add the others when I have time, but as there are over two thousand images to do, and I don't know where all of them were taking, and I've much other stuff to be getting on with, please be patient.

Must lunch.


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