Sunday, October 01, 2006

IMGP2122Curses. It's not like it was even raining at the time. Basically big post met thunderstorm, only thunderstorm without rain, lightning or thunder and which only knocked the power out for three seconds, but this is not a laptop.

I didn't really have time to write it in original instance, so there's going to be no repeat, at least for a while. So there's some more stuff on Flickr (quite a lot more stuff - ten pages of it - as I ran out of patience with the tricklefeed technique) and there's a silly thing below because it was saved days ago.

The One
Spinning ring, lit by flickering light from the right, drops onto dark surface, rattles round in ever decreasing vibrations, stopping with a snap. Voice-over:
...and in the darkness bind them.

Arching zoom in on reflection in ring, showing distorted television scene as light source, with promenient BBC1 red.

Might have to drop the "to rule them all" bit though, as it's bit too prolefeed. But broadcast television does bind people in the winter dark, waiting to be awed, clinging to siblings when something evil this way comes*.

*I'd swear there were more wolves and more snow, but I don't really remember it, other knowing the titles were scary (but not being able to visualise them. It isn't surprising my brain blanked them out, given the terrifying effect of a wolf merging into Mr Punch [full version of The Box of Delights theme music: boxofdelights.mp3]).

I know outside hasn't quite succumbed to the snow yet, but last week I was in shorts, this week a Guernsey (that's ridiculously big). Remind me not to keep scratching my neck.

And how many readers remember The Box of Delights? One is out instantly as he won't be born for a few more years, another probably was only two, someone else is way too old to have been watching children's television (or maybe not, thinking about it), and most of the rest were in the wrong country at the time. There's only one person who is vaguely the right age to have seen it, considering I remember hiding behind my brother when it was on (which I'm sure he must have loved), so he must have watched it, so anyone the same age as him might have watched it.

But perhaps age isn't a good subject, considering this week I've been reminded the horse chestnut tree probably killed by the drought came from a conker scavenged from a tree felled in the big storm after the '87 one (91? 92?), that the new BBC2 branding is anything but (it's not the current one), that a something built in a field I used to play in is twenty years old and where the hell did it all go? I can't even make a joke about it being a quarter-life crisis unless I'll reach 104.

And on that jolly note, I'd better leave it.


You were allowed to watch Box Of Delights? What were your parents thinking of? Or else, I guess it was re-broadcast later than 1984.
I initially thought you were talking about Company Of Wolves from the same year. I remember someone going on and on about it being full of sexual references, but all I manged to register was that Brian Glover was credited as "Amorous Boy's Father"
Children's television, Christmassy, based on an Edwardian book; it'll be fine.

I think it was because my brother wanted to see it (I remember us failing to leave his godmother's house to get back in time and somehow being allowed to watch it there), and it was easier to keep us both in the same room. I don't think it got repeated, so I must have been four and a half. But then I learnt to read by borrowing my mother's whodunnits (until she noticed).

- Company of wolves? The nearest I can get is Peter and...
- Brian Glover? Any relation of Fi?
- Amourous boy's father? Um, who or what was the boy amourous with, considering the title?

WV: endptth

You know that thing about typewriting apes...
i hate to admit this but i'm here to advertise my blog (in a kinda new age jehovas witness kinda way) 'cause it doesn't have the readership i want it to have yet so if you can visit, please do:
haha James!

Thanks for the link to the "One" stuff, even if indirect! I am so out of touch here... no-one tells me anything... except you.
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