Sunday, November 05, 2006

2006-11-01 030Cancel the request for Prokofiev's Troika as an mp3, as I've found a site with the entire Lt. Kiye suite. The site is Russian, but that's hardly noticeable as it's just raw directories. It's got quite a lot of other classical stuff (read: I haven't heard of a large chunk of the composers), including a copy of Peter and the Woof. One slight problem though, it's listed as "Peter und der Wolf". Jah, alle Wörter sind auf Deutsch. And the German bloke seems to be trying to act more than I remember his English equivalent doing on the version I'm used to. But as long as I can absent mindedly "do- do- de-do-de-do" along to it, I don't mind.

However, it is quite surprisng just how incomprehensible I find spoken German. It took me far too long to decipher 'dryawns'.

And I never knew it was a model of Stalinist music. Does that make it prolefeed? I'm not sure I approve. It's also odd to think that "As time goes by" is older the Peter and the Wolf, although I always thought the zoo seemed a little incongruous.


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