Friday, November 10, 2006

IMG_1194How many bloody CDs have I got?

Nowhere near as many as other people I know, but I'm in the midst of mp3ising them (having first sorted them into alphabetical order - for the first time ever - as the mp3s are going on DVDs so I don't want to have to guess the DVD later) and I'm only up to the Foo Fighters. I'm also cursing any which come up with a data track after the last track as Real Player refuses to copy the final audio track claiming it's unreadable (after it's just claimed to have converted 99% of the track). Is gleaning copies of songs from the internet quite so illegal if one already owns the CD but can't get it to save on a computer? Yes, I know that there's that no reproduction thing but it's not like I'm bunging them on a server or sending copies to my friends [although... purely for sampling purposes, natch].

And remind me to turn the Tube status alarms off at some point; if I'm not still in London do I really need to be informed each someone tries to kill themselves anywhere on the Northern Line? London Bridge seems to be the winner for evening person-unders. Such knowledge is almost as fun as the radio which continues to turn itself on when it feels like it, including repeatedly last night (cue a day of "you look awful"). Sony, I am not impressed.

But in other news... there really isn't much. I've found Brideshead so I don't have to accuse SG of 'borrowing' it again, and that's about it. Oh, and I've discovered that a book on Linux isn't really dippable. Someone left it in the loo, so each time I open it at random and try to decipher the contents. It's actually fairly easy to grasp, and has taught me various things about other computer stuff, but I have a hunch I might take on more if I wasn't quite so obviously multitasking. I suppose it's a mix of avoiding thumb-twiddling, having guilt over how much computing I don't know, and knowing damn well that it isn't actually all that hard. It's equal parts really-ought-to and do-I-have-to.

Anyway, I'm off to wonder why I have a copy of Ocean Drive by the Lighthouse Family (why? Did I think I was going to make smug car adverts? What possible reason for owning it is there?). Any bets on how long it will take me to get to {checks} Wilt (who you, probably rightly, will never have heard of; support act for someone but I can't remember who or when, but it was in the Great Hall because it was signed by two of the three. I know that's a non sequitur, but I remember someone signing a CD in the bit under the Great Hall at Exeter, which must have been them, because I had the CD with me so I'd bought it there and they were hanging around signing stuff so it seemed rude not let them do my copy. If it was in the Great Hall it was probably supporting Reef as the main act, but I'm not sure. You know things which need explaining but are really better before you do? Um… I'll post samples when I get round to ripping it, so sometime in 2007 then)?


PS. Just received under the header "Don't groan too hard":

How many mice does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just the two, but it's a real effort to get them in there in the first place.

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