Sunday, November 12, 2006

DragonHow to make it all better again: No. 17.

Spend a day trying to backup things and copy other stuff, largely fail, rail against the stupidity and incompetence in the world of computing, give up, flick through television channels in idle desperation, cursing them all for assuming that everyone has a social life and so there's no need to put anything watchable on any of them, eventually stumble across a repeat of The Hundred Greatest Television Compilation Shows Cartoons, watch enough of those ranked in the mid-eighties to be reminded of Noggin the Nog, turn off, go to bed, wake up the next day, continue the frustrating computer things, give up again, search for Noggin the Nog on Youtube, fail to find any, but instead rediscover charmingly onomatopoeic Ivor the Engine with Jones the Steam and Dai Station and a delightful pointlessness which would now have met the axes of Accenture.

It's remarkably odd that I remember it yet failed to notice that by most standards the lives portrayed range from thwarted to futile. It's so ineffably provincial.

I'd also forgotten it spawned children greeting each other with "bore da" in thoroughly un-Home Counties accents. That must have been one of my first [and few] fads.

Wow, I just remembered being very concerned when Idris disappears (partly because the same thing happened again). Always was a sensitive boy.

I really must stop watching it, because I'm suffering from the curse of happiness, thereby irredeemably creasing my cheeks, although unlike Dan I don't have a mirror to petrify me with my own reflection.

He said shortly before grinning like a loon, tsht-com-ing along with Ivor's cotton-wool steam and watching yet more of it.


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