Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2005-08-31 023No takers? Surely my taste can't be that bad (yes, I know I haven't said what I've got, but I don't want to be deluged by Google and there is such a thing as email). The offer still stands, but then it probably stood for you lot anyway.

But moving on, BBC Four is so very wonderful. Not only are they showing The Day of the Triffids (Monday 8.30 I think) but last night they showed the first two episodes of The Crow Road, which I can remember well enough from the first time it was on (albeit aided by reading the book fairly frequently inbetween). Yes, I have Banksitis badly enough that I laugh when I know what the next line is going to be. Yes, I wanted a Mobius scarf when younger. Yes, some parts of the book embedded themselves (though excised from the adaptation, due to not really being BBC enough, there's one detail to do with being in the backseat of a BMW, but... just read the book). Yes, the actor playing Prentice (Joseph McFadden*) made quite an impression even if it was at that stage a case of misattribution. But then I also fondly remembered the actress playing Ashley, largely because I'd forgotten it wasn't actually Anna from This Life (Daniela Nardini; both dark haired and Scots so near enough). And BBC 2 are currently showing the repeats of This Life after Newsnight, which is both great and very cruel as there's no way I can watch them and be capable of doing anything the next day, and so have to abandon them before Ferdy tries to have a fight or before the exposure to Miles makes one wonder if bogwashing is ever justified.

* Who needs to do more television or film work, or maybe just become my postman.

So BBC 4 are good, even if they do show a man with eyelashes so long they can cause hurricanes in different continents every time he winks. Oh dreary me.

And I know that quote is yet another Scots thing which doesn't follow quite the same vein; strangely for a comedy catchphrase that one was only used very rarely in playground. Can't think why. Did have the best Eurovision song ever. Also I'd forgotten the captain's name.

Sorry, not really sure where this is going, other than the BBC are showing repeats, and for once I don't mind as both series are on my permissable list (meaning if I find myself buying DVDs of either while browned off milling round an HMVirgin sale, I won't get too annoyed with myself. Incidentally, going through old CDs is quite horrific for demonstrating how much prices and perceptions have changed).

But as this post was supposed to be about more photographs on Flickr, which aren't there yet, I'd better stop.


PS. Sort of apt.

I'm sure your taste is very dubious indeed (confusing Valerie Edmond with Daniela Nardini really isn't a good sign, although perhaps I spend to much time concentrating on dark-haired Scottish women), even though I'm not quite sure what the offer was for...
I'm quite lost as to what the actual offer is/was, but I'll take you up on it.

Unless it turns out to be something that doesn't appeal to me, in which case I won't.

At least I'm trying to show willing!
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