Thursday, November 16, 2006

LFE - 12 HampsteadUpping the geekiness quotient (beyond the 'caution' thing somewhere in the comments), I saw on the boy Karran's blog a mention of out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps collated to reconstruct England and Wales as they were at time of production. It appeals to the same part of me that unintentionally breached copyright to produce these. But not only does it allow you to realise just how many houses had yet to be built, but it encourages you to share the postcodes of them, thereby helping generate and refine a database of postcodes which exists outside the licensing restrictions of the Post Office (or whoever own the database). And I notice someone's already added a marker for a certain recent address - The Slumgeon - although I think it's in the wrong place, but then the roads have moved.

Karran's blog has quite a bit more along similar veins, including several things that make you go 'ooh', so it's worth checking out.

Now to try and work out how many people on my forward list (I don't actually have a preset one, as I've long since ceased to be a social relay station) are adept enough at reading maps to be able to find their house, especially if it isn't built yet and they've messed about with the roads.

And am I supposed to have found the missing prefixes list and targeted those I know (I could look up things from external sources, but I suspect that is not really what they want to happen)? But I've slain a few including the place where my parents had their honeymoon, of which the only clue I'll give you was that it was somewhere which had frost at the end of June.

I've just noticed somewhere appears to have undergone a name change, which is a bit disconcerting as name A, in significant letters, has been reduced to the name of a minor street (and one renamed to avoid confusion after a house burnt down at that), whereas name B, which is where I went to school, isn't even on the map, except as the name of a house a fair distance from the place now called B.

So I'm off to decide who can tell furze/a copse/any-other-suggestion from an oxbow.


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