Sunday, December 24, 2006

DSC_0218 - All the world's a stageSorry.

I have sort of meant to blog during the past month, it's just not happened quite the way I'd have expected. So there are three posts about to appear lower down the page, one on apologising for not blogging in the near future, one on doing one set of things, and another on the beginning of a another set of things. So I've still got the rest of the last post to do, plus the stuff after it. And somewhere along the line I've got climb an unclimbable tree to attach lights of resounding hideousness in a manner which no doubt will be dismissed as unthinkingly ghastly; an act made all the easier by the lights being encased in plastic tubing, thereby removing any problematic snags but also the ability to attach the damn things to anything else, so it may be taken as certain that during the night they will slump out of the tree like a recently eviscerated intestine.

Guess who while typing has the traditional aural accompaniment of a carols overlaid with a histrionic rant where the place of 'amen' has been taken by 'any more' as once again my mother vows to never again leave icing the Christmas cake till Christmas Eve (she's got round it before by simply giving up at the marzipan stage, so if the decorations had actually reached the cake, they would have stood amongst curiously yellow snow).

I reckon I've got until quarter past four before she remembers I exist and screams herself senseless at me (I've never been brave enough to - I just heard a traditional, highly emotional "I don't care", which is as oxymoronic as it gets - call her Violet Elizabeth Bott).

Added later: I might have been a bit wrong on the timing, but then I didn't know when my brother would turn up (and oddly at least quarter of an hour elapsed between noticing his car turn into the road, and him appearing at the front door; can't think why).

Anyway, I'd just like to add, before I go all foetal, Merry Christmas to you all. And sorry again for having the odd situation of Dan blogging more recently than I had, while I'd added photographs to Flickr more recently than him (even Sin Use-Sparingly had blogged more frequently). I am of course posting this now before Az gives me another prod on his way back from Hong Kong.

So, um, think that's it. Go and look and Flickr as there are 23 pages of Belgium pictures, and a few more which went up before then, but while hanging around long enough for me to publish the outboxed posts.

Heb pret.


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