Monday, January 15, 2007

2005-07-28 023Two questions:

Why does my blog get more hits when I've not posted anything for yonks? And they're not all random Googlisms. Could it possibly be mounting an-tis-sip-


Why are the Aquilegias trying to flower? Daffodils and crocuses one can vaguely understand, on the grounds that they're only a couple of months early, but aren't Aquilegias meant to be spring running into summer? But we've not had winter yet, as the roses are still flowering and the Buddleia hasn't dropped its leaves yet. But that hasn't stopped the sundry birds from mating (or trying to).

And yet, it's still mid-Jan, there's still the bleak midwinter to come, with the traditional last hurrah of snow at half-term. Or it there? I think that's what worries me most; that I don't know which season it is, or what is coming next. Who votes sun and heat? Who thinks it's going to snow? And who thinks we're going to stick in this endless October until May?

And I thought I was indecisive.


Definitely anticipation. That and the fact that your wonderfully expansive all-encompassing posts are worth reading more than once.

I believe we are about to experience nature's brief attempt at winter, although I think your October 'til May theory may hold true in the longer term.
I think I live in the only part of the UK that hasn't had snow yet!

I'm quite dissapointed!
My God, you're still alive? I thought you'd regenerated once too often.

And there's still time for snow - it's traditional around halfterm - and winter's never truly over until the autumn. How come you haven't had any? You're so far up-north that Father Christmas shops at your local Tesco and the estate agents claim to sell houses in Lower Spitsbergen (though that could just be they are banned from calling it Middlesborough - what's it in the middle of anyway?).

I'm off to fail to know what to make of your album.
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