Friday, January 19, 2007

Well, wasn't that fun? It was so windy the fan in the loo started spinning despite the powercut. See Flickr for the grand total of local damage (an ugly building lost some plastic, a few more views have opened up, the town became slightly more dead than it usually is and I got splashed by water blowing out of a small puddle).

Az was on a quest to find the sound of summer; I have found it. Like many of the greatest summer anthems, this one hails from Europe and brings us a French profundity absent from the world since the demise of Alizée.


Yeah, ok I nicked it from the Grauniad's Newsblog, but it is pretty horrific, non? I haven't heard anything that worrying since the Antiguan elections. Any prizes for guessing what the next feature on Webcameron* will be? Worryingly, I think it's only slightly less likely than Tony Blair appearing as a replacement housemate on Celebrity Big Brother. Well, he wants to be remembered and obviously needs a break from the quest for The Blair Legacy. Obviously the apparatchiks (well, those yet to be arrested) have not quite found the time to explain to him that they took him literally and it's the silver Subaru parked outside.

* I had to Google to find out what the Cam cam was called; does anyone other than people employed by political parties watch any of those? Said he trying not to think of Chris Addison and his cat raping comments. The problem with docudramas and policoms such as The Thick of It or The Trial of Tony Blair is that one rather suspects the people they mock might actually be just as shallow, inept and cowardly as the portrayals, but a tad duller.

Anyway, I'm off to pen a jaunty little ditty about a dour Scot. Perhaps either Brown, Brown, he makes us all frown; will he better the Blair clown?, Go Gordo Go; he won't let no bro say 'yo' or possibly Come on Cam'ron (the last possibly said in the same fervent tones as the Wimbledon anthem, Come on Tim).


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