Thursday, February 08, 2007

DSC_1582 - The river crack'dDe-dei-de-la-da-da

Heard at 12.09 today. Yes, that is La Cucaracha. Yes, it was being played in tones used solely by ice cream vans. Yes, there currently is snow outside lying like icing on a bun round; stretching, sagging, folding and contorting as it wetly shimmies down, afflicting all with Persillised elephantiasis.

I think it might be a slight coals-to-Newcastle-ism (which my grandfather has done). And I've never quite understood why ice cream should be linked the cockroach song, which conjures up images of Mexico. Does a litre of mint-choc-chip come with a dead worm somewhere in the tub? Or maybe waffle cornets are seen as analogous to tortillas used in fajitas?

Rather worryingly, my brain has just invented a new flavour of ice cream: tequila. So not only do you have to swallow it whole, which I imagine will cause one's temples to shatter, but there's the added fun of trying to control mixing salt and ice.

Sorry, random thing. Anyway, you might notice that I've finally published a few things that all got caught up together; everything from the Belgian post at the beginning of the month upwards is new.


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