Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2006-04-15 050I before E except after C.

Except for the all the exceptions.

Somehow my brother has ended up having an impromptu competition between his friends for who can think of the most exceptions to this rule having found themselves using exceptions more that words controlled by the rule. Naturally enough I've forgotten the examples he quoted, except heist. So dear wonderful and occasionally slightly batty blogreaders what further examples can you think of?

So far I have feisty and seize, have just remembered inveigle and I found protein and society on a pack of Fruit Pastilles having just offered my brother one as the topic came up.

And do we count Zeitgeist? It's got a double word score.

Incidentally apologies for any delayed responses over the weekend; I found myself volunteered to move a compost heap amongst other things (when I hadn't secreted myself away somewhere with this month's Prospect reading articles that made me remember I've been neglecting Fistful).

It would be tempting to add a Neil (does the rule extend to names?) style "Music playing" tagline which claimed Rammstein's Du Hast was the backing music but Winamp just jumped from Pennsylvania 6-5000 to American Pei (it's about the architect dying).

Man, I dig those rhythm and blues. Which'll be why it's just played Bros while I was hunting for an image.


Eiderdown? It does feel a little like cheating to count zeitgeist.

In what context does 'society' appear on fruit pastilles?

Pennsylvania 6-5000 - excellent. I drove through Pennsylvania this morning on the way to work. Not that I'm writing this at work, you understand.

McLean or Madonna?
Cunning. I just about to accuse my readers of mass illiteracy.

Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

I used to know someone who lived in the house with the yellow door on Pennsylvania Road.

How dare you speak that name? It's all right when she's doing Madonnary stuff, but not covers where she appears to miss the point (unless it was a pomo irony type thing to have her singing "the day the music died").
Can you accuse half a dozen people of mass illiteracy? Sorry. Uncalled for.

I don't even like her when she's doing Madonnary stuff.

I just thought of a game:

drove my honda to the rhondda
drove my smart to the mart
drove my mercedes to Hedes
drove my lexus to Texas
drove my clio to Rio
drove my 306 to Biarritz (hmm)
drove my cortina to, erm... Cortina

Actually that's an awful game.

Bon weekend.

Mercedes to Hades surely?

Drove my Vauxhall to Walsall.
Drove my Renault to Chepstow.
Drove my Volkswagen to Covent Garden.
Drove my Chevrolait to St Tropez.
Drove my Skoda to Yoda (lift need he).
Drove my Volvo to Oslo.
Drove my Rover to Dover.
Drove my Ford to the ford.
Drove my Kia to the pier (and then off the end of it).

I think you may be right.

Et tu, Benus.
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. Your spelling might be better than mine, but your rhymes are far worse.

Drove my lorry to the quarry
Drove my hovercraft to hobbycraft
Drove my Megane to Milan
Drove my Morgan to Glamorgan
Rode my Kawasaki to Nagasaki
Flew my jumbo to Colombo

And the Honda one is still the best.
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