Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tanzania geographic 094I'm not sure if I've been tagged or not. So picking up a meme that I might have been handed on someone's real name blog, here are five things you didn't know about me (probably):

1. Copying the geographic idea, the furthest north I've been is somewhere just in Scotland(55°N), although I can't remember where and the place I thought was the border was the boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire. The most easterly place I've set foot is Muscat in Oman (58.5°E), though that was just changing planes; the furthest east I've slept is on the east coast on Zanzibar (39.6°E). The furthest south I've been is Dar es Salaam (6.8°S). The furthest west I've been is St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (64.9°W), although that was to get off a plane, go through US customs, then get back on the same plane in the same seat, so it doesn't really count; the furthest west I've spent a day is Montserrat (62.1°W) and the furthest west I've slept is Antigua (61.8°W).

2. I have scar on my left wrist marking where I sliced it open on a nail left sticking out of a handrail on Zanzibar; I bashed the same part against some coral near Antigua. I also have three chicken pox scars by my right eye just below the eyebrow borne one commemorating my brother's flying Lego fire engine; it annoys me when sunglasses fit so badly as to show me the reflection of these.

3. I sneeze for no apparent reason. I have phases of double or even triple sneezing (in which the exhalation is broken into separate bursts despite common inhalation).

4. I have the cunning ability to switch between binocular and single vision as well as switching which eye is currently dominant. This usually happens automatically, especially when I am trying to catch something, meaning it apparently jumps and so ploughs through my fingertips.

5. I cried when I failed my cycling proficiency test; I am the only person I know who has managed to fail cycling proficiency.

Bonus "you never knew": in first school my drawing of Gumdrop was so good the teacher photocopied it and handed out copies for the whole class to colour in. I seemed to spend a large amount of time at school gaining prizes in external art competitions no one told me I'd entered. Part of my GCSE art coursework was copied to give to some anonymous and forgettable but very important adult at speech night (again I only found out about this afterwards having asked why the original was missing the bottom of the print; apparently someone framed the print before my art teacher pointed out the original was not the school's to give). Despite this and a dyslexia defying fascination with words (admittedly rarely in evidence here, but this doesn't get marked) I still see myself as belonging to the science/engineering camp (I just wish some of the other members weren't quite so bloody boring or downright odd).

Extra bonus YNK: I currently have hiccups. These are annoying me quite lot.


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