Sunday, March 04, 2007

CF2 600 - Distortion - 12 Arm Ball ReflectingMe too.

By God my arms ache. I think I have Wii wrist, Wii elbow, Wii bicep, Wii shoulder, Wii neck, Wii intercostal and Wii shoulder blade on the right and most of those on the left as well; even my lumbar muscles are currently aware of their own existence. Which made driving home in a car without power steering immense fun (as did the continual absence of dashboard lights and the fan suddenly going on strike with a puff of birch leaves after hitting a proud manhole cover in the middle of a vertical lake; fortunately the rear wiper kept the centre of the rear screen clear of cooling rain).

I only thwacked the glass coffee table once in the follow-through after a particularly good serve and even though I hit the overhead lampshade I wasn't the one to dent it. I suspect Nintendo have shares in Ikea.

So yeah, it's one of the few consoles that would even register on a possible possession list, and it does take advantage of my innate inability not to move around when playing games (you have to lean into the corners; always caused hilarity during four-on-a-bed Mariokart). One slight disadvantage is that it isn't really suitable for flats. Not only does one need wide open spaces and high ceilings, but one also needs a complete lack of neighbours to become irritated by the thudding, growls of irritation, squeals of delight and funky little victory jigs (GA started the trend; I merely improved on the idea).

All of which is slightly annoying because things I disapprove of on principle aren't actually meant to be fun. Heck, it's even fun when one lapses into mock light-sabre battles with the just the controllers (and so end up complaining about the incompetence of younger generations in being unable to comprehend the physics of fighting realistically while making the appropriate jshum noises).

Still no idea if it's a wee, double-u-two, double-u-double-i or the sequel to the Women's Institute though.


PS. I did eventually figure out that remembering to twist the racket for backhand might be quite a good idea (having killed most of the crowd off to the left). Rather annoyingly my return rate in the tennis is about the same whether I'm playing competitively or just waving my arms about while chatting and forgetting that there's a game going on, but at least one doesn't have to spend large chunks of the time delving in bushes and scaling chain link fences to retrieve the balls.

PPS. A comment on Dan's blog mentions doctors having to deal with the aftermath of Wiiing; having had a friend set up my Mii (little character which is used in the games) which supposedly looked like me, I reckon there may also need to be swathes of psychiatrists needed to sort out the resulting depression and body dismorphia.

Stupid google blogger has me signed in as my alias and I cant be bothered to sign in with the other account. So you're just going to have to guess who I am. Although I think the ps gives it away...

Oh! Why has everyone played on a Wii yet but not me?!
*Jumps up and down angrily*

The closest I've come is the arcade in HK with a ninja game that had a similar control for the sword.
You think hitting a glass coffee table is bad? Try smacking the control in to the TV screen with as much force as one would need to decapitate a zombie.

It was only after that that I noticed the line on the floor marking where I had to stand behind.
And it didn't help with my sister and A laughing hysterically at the sidelines.

I want a Wii! *Jumps up and down a la spoiled brat*

p.s. Did you see Ugly Betty on Friday?
Dear AnonObscure,

Because I went to see someone whose ubergeeky flatmate had one (and the FM was out a Fratellis gig at the time, which he complained finished at ten past ten). Find better friends.

Because if you jump up and down angrily with a Wii you'll suddenly find you've just served.

I didn't actually break the coffee table, just dent the floor slightly. And of course we made sure we wore the bands round our wrists, not really wanting to be the one to fling a control through the screen. If it helps, I'd probably laugh too.

PS. Yah. You would like to be Miss Cruz?
And another reason you should remain Wiiless is that then you'll be the only unlopsided, non-hunchback in the land.

As for anon stuff, I cheated and merged realname Gmail and pseudonym Blogger as I never managed to completely separate them and hide my Blogger profile anyway. Still freaks me out when the logon is stuck in the Blogger bar on the top of my blog though (just checking, you can't see anything up there, can you?).
All I see up there is "Blog erstellen | Anmelden" - it gets confusing sometimes when sites presume you're German just because I happen to be using the internet here.

/me feels sympathy with the Wii strains - I'm still feeling it. 15 mins of tennis for what will probably be a week of pain... is it worth it?
All these wee strains (yes, I'm pretty sure that's how you're supposed to pronounce it) just go to prove you're all completely unfit. And that is why I will not be touching a wee, in order that such proof is not created wrt my own physical status.

What's body dismorphia?
Dan: 15 minutes? Oh. I at least ignored the "you really ought to take a break" messages several times. And it's only really the base of my shoulder blade which hurts now, which probably comes from having to do tennis serves with my wrist at my shoulder because otherwise I gouge the ceiling.
MQ: wrt = with regard to? I only just figured that out having first assumed it was a mistyped Germanism.

BDD. Yes, I dyslexified the first syllable.
I hope you're not suggesting that the Fratellis are crap.

And Miss Cruz? Je ne get it pas. Unless perhaps you have a character name wrong?

Gmail-Blogger is really annoying. I think it should go back to the way it was.
I've no idea whether he thought the Fratellis were crap, simply that they retire to bed early.

Cruz as in Penelope... as in actually Salma Hayek (I'm sure someone said PC was in it). The whole Daniel's latest (and therefore who you want to be) thing goes a bit awry if I get the name of the actress wrong.
Gig's don't tend to go on that long. The Killers were done by 11 pm.

Yes, thought that that's who you meant. And no. Shu'up. *whacks Any on the arm*
Well thank you for letting me know that Mr Oracle. But in my experience finishing at ten past ten is more usual at school concerts than at any professional event.

Azzy and Daniel up a tree... I'm thinking hawthorn.
Hehe, how did I know I was going to get a sarcastic response to that.

And shu'up! *Whacks Any again*
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