Thursday, April 12, 2007

DSC_2689 - Shouldn't throw stonesI know what I haven't done - I haven't mentioned Flickr recently. Well, maybe just a little bit, and there is the traditional upper right accompanying shot dredged from my account, so you'd probably have to go some way back to find a post without a Flickr link, but I know you lot and your non-link-clicking ways, hence thinking I might just remind you.

Anyway, there's a couple of reasons I thought of doing Flickr. One is I want to post about something else but haven't uploaded the pictures to Flickr yet, so can't add the all important (ok, perhaps purely padding) illustrations. Firstly is the discovery, albeit more much belated investigation, of Guess Where London, which is boring, frustrating, infuriating and quite brilliant. Basically, one has to guess, or know, where pictures of things in London were taken. I added the Hogarth post shot to the pool and despite the obscurity it was guessed in one go. I therefore retaliated by identifying a shot of the Temperance Hospital on its very first viewing and by knowing my postboxes. Of course, my next submission has yet to gain anything more than pageviews, despite saying where it is (sort of) on the front.
And this is about as far as I got before getting distracted. I know there were a couple more things to say, but I can no longer remember what they are. And obviously things have moved on a bit in the world of GWL.

Oh, remembered one of the other things, which was the addition of two new sets reflecting the best and the worst of my account as rated by Flickr. Unsurprisingly enough the trial set titled "Least Interesting" has been less popular than its counterpart. But oddly enough some of the shots in it aren't what I would have thought were the worst (but then most interesting shots aren't necessarily good). Partly I added the sets to investigate what makes interestingness (I'm not that keen on the possible self-reinforcement of the Most set, but GWLing skews it anyway) and partly because I found some cunning thing which makes auto-updating sets possible.

Thrilling, huh?


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