Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2006-10-20 108 - Water like a stoneI know shouldn't, but, while perusing Ryan's sidebar, I found a little something on the perils faced by Utah from emormons and sniggered greatly. Even the adverts are unintentionally amusing. Watch it, but do try not to react with fear.

"There's even an internet quiz". Aw bless. There's probably also one called "Mormon or Moron?" And another on "Which country has the most credulous news reporters?" But then the eighth commandment, as relayed by The Book of Mormon* is Thou shalt not lampoon.

* Typo, sorry. That should read "The Book of Norman", or, to use the full title, "The Usborne Illustrated Pop-Up Guide to the Norman Conquest with Interactive CD-ROM Game".

In otherness - weird, freaky, dismaying but way cool: image resizery.

Oh, and a plague on all your hosen (yes, I know I've used it before, but if people will insist on living in Germany...) to he who sent me a link to another blog, which meant I clicked on an embedded Youtube video, and thus within four seconds had the most irritating song implanted in my brain, where it has dwelt ever since. I don't even know anything about the film, its subject or that of the song, except for Sleepless in Seattle and knowing a couple who got married there. Even with other music playing it's still there. This is not good.


PS. Ouh Ouh Oh.

Ouh, ouh, oh.

You're welcome. :)
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