Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DSC_2058 - Uneven SurfaceAs you may have noticed, I've rejigged the sidebar slightly, weeding out the defunct blogs, knocking down those blogs which have abandoned their links here and other such fun. Which of course just serves to emphasise the results of infrequent and intermittent posting; I may [as] well start a new section titled "I was loved once too". I don't suppose it's helped that the behemoth that is Flickr is gorging itself on ever more time (the backlog is perpetually mounting), and that because reaction is far more forthcoming there than here, I tend to gravitate towards that site first. I know I've taken the Sin stance in the past and protested that the awareness of my readership is inhibiting (though rarely more so than the restrictions imposed by my potential audience, who largely, though unwisely, I ignore), but I have a hunch I'm not quite as misanthropic as I occasionally imagine or sporadically would wish to be.

Anyway, to help wean me off the permanent refreshing of Flickr (not terribly likely), will you suggest a blog or two you feel I may like or ought read?

And just to completely countermand that, I'm considering changing the icon I use on Flickr, partly because I've had the same shot since the beginning, but mostly because I've just seen someone else's shot of the same building, and it's better, damn it. Also the poor quality of the original shot is discernible in the icon, which restricts the efficacy of the inherent invitation to explore beyond the icon. You have 6,000+ images to choose from. Those I like most (except the more recent uploads, which I haven't sorted yet - I told you there was a backlog) are available in this immensely imaginatively titled set, which slims it down to less than a thousand. Oh, and because it's the icon, it doesn't have to be quite the same crop as the thumbnails (actually I think one can even vary the aspect ratio, but let's not get weird). So your current quest is to find an image within my collection that represents Anyhooness. Good luck.

Anyway, I'm off to reincarnate jalfrezi.


How about you use an icon of your cute face. hehehe
Because, and my objections are twofold, it is not cute, and that would impinge somewhat on the pretence of anonymity. Any other suggestions?
The icon is so small I dont think it would be an issue (and yes, I think your face is cute). hmmm maybe a sailboat? lol
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ha - do a Ryan and get someone to make a cartoon picture of your face. Paris is a good place to get that sort of thing done - although I hated mine (at least he gave me a bigger chin though).

Anyway, I've narrowed it down to five. None of them are ideal, but all of them seem somehow fitting.


However, longevity is good with icons, logos etc (says the logo anorak), as they become closely attached to the thing they symbolise. So I wouldn't necessarily say you should change it now. In your case, I always see two little eyes in the shadows of your current icon, peering over a ledge. Nothing to do with what it's actually a picture of, but for me that's Anyhoo.

Another option is one of those photos where your face is shown but actually obscured. Not very original, though.
I drew that icon myself :)
MQ: You know it has a preview button, right? And that it emails me immediately with each posting?
1 - Wouldn't have thought of that. Perhaps.
2 - Huh? This might be typical of my photographs, but not sure whether it's typical of me.
3 - I knew you'd suggest this one; I'm surprise you didn't use the left-handed version (which possibly is typical of me).
4 - Forgotten these. Perhaps a closer crop.
5 - That's just being... esoteric.
6 - Thank you BTW.
7 - I like nonchanging, but I think it works best when the first version was exceptionally good.

Ryan: I'm guessing Americans never had Littlenose books*. And your nose isn't that big (and neither is your hair that orange).

* Typical, they've changed the covers, so this is the only example I can find.
Ryan: now you're just showing off....

MQ's Nr. 1 isn't bad at all - although I've gone the whole hog and put a "real" photo on flickr. How many people wander around this area having conversations on their handy in German? I'm totally inconspicuous.
P.S. There is one link in the Moribund that you could permanently delete.
Nr. 1? That Polish for No. 1? So you like the South Bank Christmas too?

A real photo? As opposed to a Downing Street photo? But you went to such lengths to hide, as someone put it, "beneath a blanket giggling".

As for losing links, they've all stayed up in the hope some maybe reincarnated (it's happened twice). Unlikely perhaps for the man in the moon, they serve as a marker of what has passed (and also gives a handy link should one wish to use to work out what I was referring to in past posts, and also to find out who Wendy was).
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