Monday, December 17, 2007

Bonk[bang]Text received today at three oh six pee em:
How dare you?!

Message ends.

A. Quite easily. Now what the blue blazes are you talking about?
B. Huh?
C. Is that a question or a statement?! I know the Duke of Edinburgh uses three exclamation marks in a row (just as well /we/ don't call them bangs), but look how he turned out. Punctuation one at a time please. Unless shorthanding therefore.
D. Oh God, what do you think I've done now?

Except it's from someone who has taken umbrage before and who tends to require life on tenterhooks if it is to pass near him. The lack of blog posts recently has been partly borne of laziness, partly through feeling thoroughly uninspired, but also partly because those which get half-typed suddenly have to be examined for potential misunderstandings. Running everything through a suddenly invented Editorial Policy Board is not fun.

But I haven't yet published any of those potentially offensive posts (potentially offensive because they allude to his presence which seemingly is enough to offend him). And Gmail has nothing new, as does the blog's Hotmail, and both Facebook and Flickr are without recent activity from him. So I don't know what he's reacting to.

Or of course he sent it to the wrong person.

Edit: Cleared up now. So he does read what I write, hence eventually notices mocking provocations, which of course I cannot explain here being not quite that cruel.


Haha! It was a deliberate wind-up... sorry. :)
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