Monday, December 24, 2007

FlickrUploadr [worse than the last version]You know tidying is going well when there starts being a "white A4" pile.

You know you may not be wholly young any more when you make a Wagner-based joke.

Yes, that was the world's most subtle and pathetic attempt at an apology; I have a backlog of six posts all in varying stages of unwrittenness and not much time to do anything with any of them (possibly due to spending an inordinate amount of time failing to upload pretty much anything to Flickr; at some point I'll remember I'm paying them). So, er, Merry Christmas everybody, and I'll just go back to sending the pictures in two by two through the power of email (or one by one again as the pile of Delivery Status Notifications builds ever more).

Oh, for those who have not yet seen: fun-ish.


HNY. Hope all is well.
Good to hear from you. Intrigued by your account of confusion over dates. Alarmed by casual mention of throttling! January is normally a toughie - good luck.
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