Monday, February 18, 2008

20051115 - 13 Red MornPeople aren't very quick on the uptake. See if you are.

This view might be more helpful in part.


You know, when people say to me: "Your way of thinking is really quite esoteric" what they really mean is: "You're a bit weird."

Now I'm not saying you're weird, it's just the photo concept is slightly esoteric.
It's not esoteric but fairly prosaic.

The guy who doesn't use a pseudonym, hence appears as Monsieur Cue, suggested (if esoteric is weird, suggested is pestered) that in order "get over some issues", or some similar rubbish, I should join many other people in posting at least one shot of myself everyday for a year (you should try it some time, although in your case it may have to be cakes). Hence set being called 366.

However as the account is still mostly anonymous (but with a few too many identifying details), I'm trying to do so without having readily recognisable shots. Which is proving difficult (admittedly it's all proving difficult as I haven't a tripod and have discovered just how upstaging unselected backgrounds can be [this place doesn't really run to clear, clean, unobtrusive walls]).

Anyway, M. Cue complained that the early shots weren't really representative of me. So the shots from day twelve onwards now are representative, and so in their own way representative of me.

I suspect there will be groans and much kicking-of-selves when someone finally starts to get it.
I think we've established it's really quite esoteric. But a lot of the basic work has been done, so now would be a really good time for someone to step in and put us out of our misery. Or not.

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