Monday, February 25, 2008

2005-08-31 004 In limboThis week I've been mostly listening to Beirut. No, not Radio Lebanon. Instead Rufus Wainwright mixed with Belle and Sebastian (with a small dose of Amelie soundtrack), but from Albuquerque. Having said that I just stuck a RW track in the middle of a Beirut album to see how seamless the blend was and the usually overblown, grandiloquent and oft too flamboyant suddenly sounded quite inhibited and comparatively ascetic.

So possibly not for everyone. But I like it, although I liked that Embrace album that usually is slated for being inconsiderately orchestral for a drums and guitars band.

Anyway, this is just me staking claim as a friend on Facebook fanned them, only that was months after I first heard about them, so I'm trying to claw back the appearance of groundbreaking (yes, I know this way leads to people claiming to have seen the Beatles despite being born in the same year as me, but I was there first, damn it). Admittedly I'm not sure why I'm seeking to be in competition with someone who is so fantastically cool that people tried studying her to crib ideas and realised that the effortlessness in all spheres conforms to a strict formula and she's only beguilingly charming when she wants something. But then she did provide quite a lot of entertainment that time she clicked 'remember me' on a shared computer. Taking a break from some literature trawl I was rather surprised to find out that a certain guy felt that way about me, although some of the references eluded me and the attached REM duet was a bit odd. But then I saw the time he'd sent it and assumed that either he was very tired and emotional or he intended it for someone else. Clicking next brought up a similar fealty, yet was from someone I'd never met but knew to be charming girl's fiancé. Oh, hang on...

A swift application of "mark as unread" and suddenly my mistake and hers disappeared. As did all pretence of decency. So if he's... and he's also... oh, um, er. Very charming girl. So that's why I'm not sure competing with her is worth it. And turns out that saving the REM track to the desktop and leaving it there might have been a little tactless, but judging by the concerted silence of the rumour mongers when aforementioned parties were around I'd guess I wasn't the only one to forget I hadn't logged-in yet.

Hmm, and once again a passing reference (did I not blog it at the time?) becomes most of the post.

So decent taste in men she may have, if poor use of such taste, but she does have reasonable taste in music.

Hmm, how curious. When adding a link for Beirut-the-band I search not Google or Wikipedia. And when asked for examples of X in London I resorted to Flickr first (I wanted extant not theoretical). Does this mean unalloyed Googledom is over?


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