Friday, March 14, 2008

2006-01-13 034Golly isn't 30 fast?

Well, it is when second's a novelty. So I have a car once again. I just made the mistake of picking it up when the garage closed, so had the joy of trying to find the least congested route back. Joining a dual carriageway at a rate of one cat's eye every other minute is not the most enjoyable way to pass time, although I did get to perfect my act-as-though-they-were-letting-me-in technique (there's something to be said for driving a car far cheaper to repair the other party's). Admittedly the traffic porridge in the rain did mean I got to test the demister on my new rearscreen. And so find one bar in the middle doesn't work while still on the same road as the garage, but be too penned in by others to be able to turn back and know they were closing as I left.

So I have a car again. But have to take it back to that garage for them to test and confirm that brand new and pristine wasn't and so claim a new one under the manufacturer's warranty (quite glad I didn't have to do my repair, replace or refund ultimatum. And when did the DTI disappear to be replaced by the Bureau for Error [at least, that's what I assume BERR means]?). So basically once more I don't have a car. Just when I'd got excited about having a usable one again.

Hey, and I believe the usual accompaniment is ho.


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